Art in Alternative Spaces

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I want to thank you for making it possible for emerging artists to have a showcase for their work. As one of the artists, all I have to do is show up. But you have to plan the events, find sponsors, persuade the store owners to show artists’ work, and then coordinate it all so that the artists walks actually materialize like the blossoms on this card. You deserve an award for your dedication and commitment to us. Thank you. Karen Vierneisel

From the British School of Chicago:      We were very lucky to be visited by artists who showed them their work and helped them create their own art work made from recycled objects.   We had James Paradiso work with students to explore how art can help them express their feelings, Chris Zonta who worked with the children to create mosaics made with broken tiles and Rick Janes and Val Leventhal to create art work based on music.   They used old cds and records as well as other recycled goods to produce new pictures!    

We very much appreciate all of your hard work regarding our art days.    You have been wonderful!   Thank you so very much for such as excellent workshop!   Kerry Ashley, British School of Chicago

Thank you very much for coming in and working with our year group.  They really did enjoy the day.   Greg Richardson, British School of Chicago

The kids had a really enjoyable day and enjoyed creating their art work so thank you for coming in.    Jenny Burn, British School of Chicago

Thank you so much for continuing to think of me when in need of mosaic work.  Your  support and marketing of the arts AND artists is a gift to the art community.   Chris Zonta, Artist

I referenced your beautiful website about Jens Jensen...Thanks again for your support of Arts & Nature.  Dick Vorwald, Dubuque Old House Enthusiasts, Dubuque, Iowa

It was a delight to host this show, especially since all of the featured pieces were inspired by Emily Oaks.  I can't thank you enough, as well, for organizing the plein air Paint Out which coincided with our Pancake Breakfast in the Woods.  This was a great event that generated much interest and conversation.  People truly enjoyed walking the trails and rounding a corner to find yet another artist at work.  Lee A. Hansen
Emily Oaks Nature Center Manager, Skokie Park District

I want to thank you, your committee and Anatomically Correct for choosing to honor me with an award. It's so rare that one is acknowledged for their hard work and efforts to support the arts. You have done an amazing job with your exhibit programs and your valiant efforts on the behalf of artists and art in the community. I also want to thank the Highland Park CBD, Chamber of Commerce and City of Highland Park for supporting your efforts. Last night was a lovely event. I am honored to have received the award and hope our paths will cross again in the future. Thanks again, Ann Rosen, The Art Center, Highland Park, IL

Just wanted to send a note thanking you for the wonderful reception on Saturday. I swear, you are such a class act...the gallery looked amazing, the difference in the space from when I dropped my painting off to the actual reception was really remarkable. I know how much work must have gone into fixing the walls, painting them and setting up the lighting, and the event itself, with the wonderful food and drinks, it was far beyond expectation.   My mom came to the event, a friend who lives 'way north came and was really impressed.   I met all kinds of interesting people besides my friends who were in the show. An evening to remember. Again, congratulations on another successful event!    Jill Zylke, Artist

Congratulations on putting on a successful Highland Park Art Walk reception!   Kim and I had a great time, as did many others from what we could observe.  The gallery looked stupendous with the painted walls and new track lights.  I was happy with the hanging of my painting, and I got a lot of compliments on it.  We drove around and saw some of the storefronts; the Saks windows looked great.  I was happy that the local newspaper dedicated a full page to their article and artwork.  Fletcher Hayes, Artist

I stopped at the 60035 Gallery last night and it is gorgeous.   I did a quick preview of the art in the windows and it looks like 'something's happening' -- kind of the way people see indications around town of something big coming up -- more of a vibe than ever before... Debra deserves a pre-event round of applause for never saying 'can't'...  This is the year that people notice, a new direction occurs and a breakthrough occurs that puts the HP ART WALK on the map.   James Lynch

Wow! As I was searching for tips on finishing chairs (for Seniors) painting them with free hand patterns I happened upon your site. I am so , I am about 40 miles north of Pittsburgh Pa. but I am totally taken in by the ideas 'Mask of your own face", and the " Have an artist paint your chair" and "Address Unknown: Art and Chicago’s Homeless," I am a building contractor (30 years) but have always had a desire to bring 'the arts' and new creative ideas to my small home town of 8500 residents to promote community and connection between different demographic groups. Another project I am working on is to have a park setting with outdoor  showings of children's theatre or Disney type films with refreshments offered by non profit or charity groups. The benefit proceeds will be earmarked to feed low income shut-ins or to purchase materials to have basic 'living conditions' improvements performed free by my industry counterparts on homes of needy seniors in the area, thus creating a tie between generations and the essence of responsibility between them. I want to applaud you on such an interesting group of ideas you have undertaken and produced and your impact on the lives of others , this is so immense .   A comment from a total stranger may not mean anything but here it is: You are inspiring and challenging and the world is a greater place for your being here.   For that , I Thank you,  Richard

Menopause the Musical art exhibit. My intuition told me that this project would be a great form of motivational therapy and it proved to excel far beyond my expectations. The project was not only a learning experience in self expression, but a means of inspiration to reach out and touch others as well. I cannot express the motivation I experienced from the sheer joy of the exhibit as well as the enthusiasm of the production. I witnessed an exhilarating camaraderie that was shared by everyone at the Apollo Theater on November 14. I wish to sincerely congratulate Jeanie Linders, Anatomically Correct, and TOC Productions for turning a vision into a reality. Together you created menopause metamorphosis and gave birth to a phenomenal celebration of life!  Thanks for the magical memory, Cindy Patriquen, Artist

 Just wanted to write and let you know how THRILLED I was to open the Sunday Sun-Times and see that HALF-PAGE ARTICLE with my painting and photo and interview!!!! It's been a wonderful experience being a part of the 40x40 show, my friends and I had a great time at the opening on Friday night and at the musical, and I was so glad to get a chance to meet and talk with you all. A great success, my thanks goes out to you!    All the best,  Jill Zylke, Artist

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Barbie exhibit in the theater....and so does Emerald City Theater Company that puts on our children’s shows.   Rob Kolson, Kolson Productions, Apollo Theater

As an artist who's been showing his work regularly for the last decade with Anatomically Correct, I can not stress how important it is for you to support Anatomically Correct. From showing my work through Anatomically Correct, I have been able to reach new audiences and my work has been seen by people that normally wouldn't go to an art opening or gallery. The arts in all forms are greatly neglected in our country. Anything that can be done to bring more art into our society should be encouraged and supported. Anatomically Correct allows me to expose my artwork to a portion of the general public that would never normally see my work and for that I thank them and you.       Sincerely yours, Raymond J. Vlcek, Artist

 My experiences as an artist exhibiting through Anatomically Correct were most satisfying and rewarding. The handling and display of the art was professional and conscientious. The exhibit was smartly curated, enhanced the Northlight Theater's public space, and was well received by the public. It was undoubtedly Anatomically Correct's excellent press releases that resulted in the exhibition receiving photo credits and stories in area newspapers: Diversion, News and Views of the Arts, Chicago, IL, "’Freak Show!’ Updates Sideshow" by Myrna Petlick, June 15, 2000; and the Chicago Reader, "Snake Pit Sally", May 26, 2000. Receiving publicity is no small matter for any artist and not only was this media exposure good for me, but it also enhanced the public awareness of NorthLight Theatre and their production of "Side Show" which ran concurrent with the exhibit. Having my artwork displayed by Anatomically Correct for the installation of "Freak Show" (May 17 through July 2, 2000) was an utterly positive experience to which I am grateful. I hope that you will help to ensure that this wonderful opportunity for artists will continue to enhance public spaces in the Chicago area.       Sincerely, Amy Johnquest, Artist

In these times when alas the arts are again under attack, now because of budgetary reasons, it is very important that there are organizations such as Anatomically Correct that promote the works of many, many fine artists in an economic responsible way. The idea of presenting shows in prominent theatres such as Steppenwolf, Bailiwick, Goodman and others, gives the artists a chance to reach a very large viewership, maximizing exposure. I have been fortunate enough to participate in several shows, and hope that there will many more occasions in the future that Anatomically Correct and myself can work together. I wish Anatomically Correct all good in the future and hope that the wonderful endeavor will be able to present many, many more great shows for the pleasure of the viewership of many. With kind regards, Bert Menco, Ph. D. , Artist

I can only applaud Anatomically Correct and the innovative work it is doing, promoting awareness and appreciation of the visual arts in Chicago. It gets people to think and view art in different settings and situations. Who says you have to go to an art gallery or museum to see art? Why not embellish, for example, one's theatre-going experience with corresponding visuals on the walls? Anatomically Correct bends the rules, gets art of the box. This art where you least expect it is a good thing. Surprises keep us on our toes. Chicago can do this, and is doing this, thanks to Anatomically Correct and its good and generous work.    Amy O. Woodbury, Artist

I had a very good experience with my show at the Steppenwolf Theater with Anatomically Correct. The opening reception was well attended and welcoming, but probably the most feedback that I got was from people that I knew who happened to be attending "Hedda Gabler" and saw my paintings unexpectedly. I like the theater venue for showing artwork because it means that arts-minded people (and potential customers) will see my work, people that might not frequent galleries or other exhibition spaces. It was interesting to stand around at intermission and hear people discussing the paintings. I felt that they were appreciated and not simply rushed by.  Thanks, Debra!   Sasha Rubel & Dick Detzner, Artists

I thank Debra and Anatomically Correct for giving my art the opportunity to be seen, and seen by those who may not see it any other way.   Preston Klik, Artist

For the past five years, my work has been represented in various venues through the efforts of Anatomically Correct. Her laser-like focus on art exhibitions in public space is one of the reasons, I look forward to participating in an event when asked. Anatomically Correct certainly ranks as a vibrant addition to Chicago's public space art scene. Sincerely, gARTh, Artist

Art groups need to come together to stay alive and build strong public interest in all the arts. Anatomically Correct, an arts organization that brings theatrical and visual arts together is a great example of how arts communities bonding together can help each other as well as the general public. By showcasing visual art in a theatrical venue, the public gets to experience a "two for one" deal, which leads to interest in both arenas. As a visual artist, having shown with Anatomically Correct I appreciate this opportunity, because I know the public's time and money is valuable, but I also know that the arts are an undeniable value that must struggle to stay viable in the community.    Lois Keller, Artist

I would like to express my thanks to Anatomically Correct. Since I am in my emerging state of my career in art, Anatomically Correct provided me an opportunity to reach out to the community and receive exposure from a larger audience.    Sincerely, Zsofia Otvos, Artist

 I think what Anatomically Correct does is extraordinary. Every space in every great city in every corner of the world needs visual communication and stimulation. Anatomically Correct understands this and has been there to add so much to the artistic vitality of this great city.   Respectfully and gratefully, Renee McGinnis, Artist

I would like to say that I think it is a great idea. I got a couple of articles and a TV piece written up on me and lots of other stuff that came after my exhibitions. I have definitely benefited. Many people told me they have seen the exhibitions.   Wayne Kusy, Artist

I have known Debra and Anatomically Correct for many years and find them to be a blessing to the Chicago art community and to emerging artists like myself. As a young artist in the city of Chicago it was difficult for me to find exhibition opportunities. Through Anatomically Correct I was able to have two exhibitions of my work, one at Bailiwick Art Center and one at Steppenwolf Theater. These exhibitions gave me the exposure and recognition I needed. Anatomically Correct is a unique institution in our city because it broadens artistic audience by crossing the spheres of visual art and theater. Emerging artists are brought into theaters and other public spaces, and the patrons of such venues are exposed to visual artists they might not otherwise see. I am very thankful that Anatomically Correct has been, and will continue to be, such a positive organization in the community. And I'm certainly glad that Debra is at its helm. Sincerely, Christopher Schneberger, Artist

As an artist who has participated in several Anatomically Correct shows, I would like to take this opportunity to express my support for the organization. There are not nearly enough venues in Chicago to display the artwork of its many talented artists. Also, Anatomically Correct's unique approach (displaying art in theatre lobbies, with a thematic link to the current play) allows for a dynamic interaction between theatre-goers and art enthusiasts. As a photographer I have appreciated the chance to show my work with Anatomically Correct as there are only a few photography galleries in a city bursting with creative photographers. It is my hope that Anatomically Correct can continue to bring captivating art to Chicago-area theatres. Jim Newberry, Artist

The 40 artists Anatomically Correct exhibited for the Windy City Arts kite exhibit at Bailiwick Theatre and the Theatre Building not only exposed those artists to a new audience, but also to a theatre whose productions we later went to see. Clearly this effort to bring exhibiting artists and theatre-goers together benefits all involved. We support Anatomically Correct in every effort to continue and expand its work in bringing together artists, theatres and audiences. Sincerely, Windy City Arts, Frank Crowley, Jill Zylke, Pauline Kochanski, Tom Robinson, Artists

All three of my experiences exhibiting with Anatomically Correct have been very positive. In my interactions with Anatomically Correct, it has been extremely organized, prompt, professional and a pleasure to work with. I first exhibited work at the Bailiwick Theater in September, 1999. The exhibit opportunity motivated me to create new mixed media photographic work specifically for the show. Theater patrons saw my artwork and I felt that it was good exposure for my work. My second exhibition opportunity was at the Steppenwolf Theater in June, 2000. For the exhibit, I created new mixed media photographic artwork for the concept of "Closer" – it was challenging and exciting to work with the themes of this play. Michael Weinstein of "New City" critiqued this work positively in his column and he interviewed me for a cable tv show. My third opportunity was also at the Steppenwolf Theater in February, 2002. I exhibited new mixed media work for "Bed of Roses". This show gave me the opportunity to exhibit this sculptural installation work for the first time in the perfect context of the play’s theme. Anatomically Correct provides artists with the opportunity to create dialogues between the visual and theatrically performed art – it is an exciting process in which to take part. The artwork’s exposure to a consistently excellent and numerous theater patron base is very important. I look forward to continuing to exhibit with Anatomically Correct’s unique gallery opportunities. Best regards, Carrie Notari, Artist

I support Anatomically Correct's effort to bring original artwork into different venues. It is very successful in keeping the artwork fresh & common themes with the exhibitions. It's just one more place I can show my artwork & it's wonderful how the audience did respond. Sincerely, Tricia Koning-Llewellyn, Artist

The variety of works that Anatomically Correct has gathered and displayed has been impressive. I hope that it can continue its efforts to display deserving artwork in Chicago's finest performing arts centers. Paul Braun, Artist

Anatomically Correct is an important part of the Chicago art scene. It presents art to the public in a way that enhances the theatre goers experience and connects the visual arts with theater. By presenting art in theater lobbies people are exposed to new artists without having to go to the somewhat foreboding galleries or off the beaten path to a run-down warehouse. Anatomically Correct has been a significant boost for my career. Sincerely, William Dolan, Artist

I am writing this letter to exemplify the importance of Anatomically Correct's exhibitions in alternative venues. Personally, being included in Through the Looking Glass of Art at Steppenwolf Theatre brought about television exposure for me and I was featured on Absolute Artistry. Anatomically Correct brings people in contact with art who do not make the effort to go to the galleries. Walter A. Fydryck, Artist

Anatomically Correct has had a big impact on my artistic endeavors. I am a self-taught artist. I didn't really start showing my work until I showed with Anatomically Correct in 1999. Since then, I have participated in three exhibitions with Anatomically Correct. I have heard several comments from people who had seen these shows and thought that they were great. Anatomically Correct gave me some extra exposure to new audiences, along with more confidence in my abilities as an artist. There are not a lot of places in Chicago where a beginning artist can show work, especially in a place like a theater where there is a built-in audience. I believe that art is more openly appreciated in an approachable venue like a theater. People are not as intimidated as they sometimes are in a silent gallery. Anatomically Correct exposes more people to art and I think that there is a definite need for this to happen in Chicago. Sincerely, Kristen Neveu, Artist

...a good idea and brings art to people who might not visit regular galleries. [Anatomically Correct] goes out of its way for artists and believes in what they are doing. Robert Kameczura, Artist

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anatomically Correct for all that it does to help support the arts in Chicago. Debra's high energy and enthusiasm to help beginning and emerging artists exhibit their artwork is commendable. I commend all that you do and wish you success in the future. Please continue to do the fantastic work that you do.    Sincerely, Richard E. Lange, Friends of the Arts

Anatomically Correct provides opportunities for artists to exhibit their work in non-gallery settings which is a refreshing alternative to the formal gallery venue scene. Exhibiting with Anatomically Correct has me allowed me to show my work to an audience that might otherwise would not see my work. Since I make furniture that I exhibit with Anatomically Correct, the theatre lobbies where the shows are held are a excellent setting to show my work.   Andrew Gregg, Artist

Over the past ten years I have had the pleasure of observing and participating in the Anatomically Correct project which brings exhibits of local artists to public venues in and around Chicago. I have been impressed with the solidity of the concept and the professionalism with which it has been organized and administered. Through Debra's energetic and passionate work, many local artists have found a way to introduce their work to the public. At the same time, local theaters and other venues have found a way to support the large and important group of artists in Chicago. It may be difficult to quantify the all effects of Debra's program, but the importance of art activities and facilities to the quality of life in Chicago and to its economic base has been the subject of many studies. More people attend museums, theaters, dance events and galleries than all of the much -praised sports teams put together. Indeed, the tourism that the arts and museums help to generate has been called Chicago's "key" industry by Mayor Richard Daley. I commend Debra for her innovative and visionary work lifting the quality of life in Chicago and helping to promote the growth and economic strength of its artistic activities.    Very Cordially, David M. Solzman, Ph.D., Artist

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