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Photographs by Bart Harris

From John Hancock #1

Artwork on display at:

Apollo Theater

2540 North Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL

On Exhibition through January 30, 2006

Artists' Reception - Friday, December 16, 2005  (5:30 pm - 7:00 pm)

Special Thanks to Bordo's Eatery & Sauce (2476 N Lincoln Ave) for the appetizers!



Limited Edition Original Photographs by Bart Harris

Prints are generally made to order and are available in a variety of sizes including custom sizes to meet your specifications.

The number of prints in each edition varies from 45 to 75.  

Prices framed and unframed include a certificate of authenticity with the edition number, date and description and a thumbnail photograph of the image purchased. Framed prints utilize conservation glass and acid free mats. There are several selections of frame styles available. Framed prints include acid-free matting.  

 20% Discount with multiple print orders.

Image Size Paper Size Unframed Price Framed Price
Up to 10"  11"x 8.5" $   275    $   365
Up to 17" 13"x 19" $   375 $   500
Up to 21" 17"x 21" $   600 $   800
Up to 24" 17"x 28" $   750 $1,000
Up to 30" Custom $   800  $1,075
Up to 40" Custom $   900 $1,300
Up to 50" Custom $1,000 $1,500
Up to 60" Custom $1,200 $1,785
Up to 72" Custom $1,400 $2,070
Larger by quote

I produce my limited edition fine art prints on Epson Ultrasmooth paper using Epson archival inks which have amazingly long life (100 years plus). Typically referred to as "Giclee" prints, as are many art reproductions and photographic prints, they are high quality, photographic ink jet prints. This term is misunderstood by many and has become universally accepted as a lasting, beautiful medium.

The Epson 9800 inkjet printer I print with allows me to produce images on 44" wide, fine art papers (and canvases) of unlimited length. While my images are available as small as ten inches, they look best at larger sizes and some are available up to ten feet on the long dimension .

Chicago River #1

Millennium Park #15


Chicago Skyline #1

From John Hancock #3

Fine Arts Building #1

Millennium Park #2

Michigan Ave #2

Lake Front #1


Chicago River #2

Lake Front #3


Lincoln Park #2



I have been a professional photographer since the age of 13, when I was commissioned by various friends’ parents to photograph their families. I had my first legitimate exhibition at the age of 17 and sold my first photograph to Leo Burnett Advertising at 18. At 23 I formed Bart Harris Photography, Inc. and since then have collected almost every award for both still and film (TV commercials) photography in advertising.

Through the years I worked on many famous advertising campaigns such as Virginia Slims, Walter Payton’s Wheaties Box, Michael Jordan for Gatorade, Miller Light Beer’s sports celebrities (Dick Butkis, Marv Throneberry, Joe Frazier and more), John Madden’s Ace Hardware campaign, Spuds MacKenzie for Bud Light and many more.

Eleven years ago, I became the first “people photographer” in advertising to shoot 100% digitally. Shortly after this I began beta testing for Eastman Kodak and advising various advertising agencies about technical aspects of working with digital files.

In late 2003, I was hired by 20th Century Fox to produce digital images of Chicago that were initially to be used as guides for digitally constructed Chicago scenes. A number of those photographs became backgrounds in the feature film I Robot. These images led me to continue photographing Chicago and creating limited edition, fine-art photographic prints. I still pursue my advertising photography career and have created the first ever photographic comic strip (which can be seen on line in the Tribune’s sports section: .   Please look for “Around The Corner”, my comic strip’s name.

Recent Shows

Fox and Obel, Chicago. Solo show, December 2004/January 2005.

Fine Arts Building Gallery, Chicago. Monthly member’s shows.

Hamilton Partners, Downers Grove, Il., May/June 2005.

Lucca’s Restaurant and Gallery, Chicago. Solo Show, July/August 2005.

Open Door Gallery, Chicago. Member’s Show, August 2005.

33 Collective Gallery, Chicago. Judged Photo/Digital Exhibition, Agust 15-30 2005.

Fine Arts Building Gallery, Chicago. New Member’s Show, September 2005.

Chicago Art Open, October, 2005


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Tip of the Week
Bart Harris

Michael Weinstein

A commercial photographer bound to fulfill the dictates of his clients, Bart Harris was frustrated that he could not capture the full beauty of the scene that he would perceive in his mind's eye in a print--until he discovered the computer. It is dangerous to apply digital manipulation to improving upon a perfectly good straight shot, as Harris does. He succeeds best when we would not suspect digital intervention, as in his exuberantly lush color shot of concrete planters along South Michigan Avenue brimming with densely sprouting floral vegetation, transporting us to our sweet home's transient tropics. Under Harris's ministrations, the world around us perfected is not much different from what it normally looks like in a magazine, except that things pop out more--a mild yet pleasurable acid trip.



Founded in 1991, Anatomically Correct is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to showcasing works by artists in alternative spaces in a combined effort to educate, diversify, and promote community awareness of the visual and performing arts.   

All artwork available for purchase.

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