Art in Alternative Spaces presents

5, 6, 7, 8!

An Art Exhibition Celebrating Dance and Movement

 on exhibition at

Devonshire Cultural Center, 4422 Greenwood St, Skokie, IL 60076

Free artist’s reception on Sunday, March 3, 2019 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

On exhibition through May 19, 2019.


Exhibiting Artists include:

Tiger Lily Cross (Paintings)

Jan Flapan (Mixed Media)

Robert Kameczura (Prints and Photography)

Kathryn Kucera (Painting)

Itala Langmar (Painting)

James Merriner (Photography)

Debra Nichols (Painting and Mixed Media)

Constance Vepstas (Digital Photography)

Samantha Younis (Painting)

Jill Zylke (Paintings)

 Admission to the exhibition is FREE.     The Center’s regular viewing hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 9pm; Saturday and Sunday 8:30 am - 6 pm.      



Tiger Lily Cross 


Acrylic on Canvas 10 x 10" $90.00

Tiger Lily Cross 

Riding the Motion

Acrylic on Canvas 5 x 5" $20.00

Tiger Lily Cross 

Dancing on Top of the World

Acrylic on Canvas 8 x 8" $40.00


Tiger Lily is a self taught artist who works with a variety of  mediums including watercolor, oil, acrylics, pastels, graphite, colored pencils, paper, cardboard boxes and wood.    She also enjoys plein air painting.     Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries in Chicago, Oak Park, Skokie,  Blue Island, Illinois,  and also in LaGrange, Texas and Oahu, Hawaii.


Jan Flapan

Dance for Joy       Mixed Media Collage    18 x 24"      $450.00

Jan's current work is in watercolor, collage and monotype prints. Her paintings, drawings and stained glass windows are in over 100 private and corporate collections in the Chicago area, throughout the United States and in Brazil. Jan has recently focused on making art, after an active life of raising children, working and volunteering. She is a former art teacher, and executive director of a small social service agency.



Robert Kameczura

As Time Goes By       Archival Digital Print     43 x 33"       $1,500.00

Robert Kameczura

Duo      Archival Digital Print    18 x 24"       $400.00

Robert Kameczura

Casting a Spell over the Water    Archival Digital Print    28 x 21"    $400.00

Robert Kameczura

Tatania Flies through A Midsummer Night

Archival Digital Print    53 x 29"    $1,200.00

Robert Kameczura

Ariels      Archival Digital Print      27.5 x 14"      $400.00

Robert is an artist of enormous range and versatility, adept in many media: acrylic, watercolor, drawing, silkscreen, black and white photography, gicleé work and calligraphy.   He has a long history as a designer for several notable modern dance companies, including the Chicago Repertory Dance Ensemble and The National Ballet of Ireland. In addition Kameczura is a noted scholar, arts writer and critic as well as published poet.    Many people are familiar with a portion of his graphic work through his cover artwork for the late WNIB Program Guide.   Indeed, it is not a surprise that he has been called "one of Chicago's Renaissance men" for his numerous activities in so many fields.    With a degree in literature and poetry, Robert is a published poet and author, whose work includes several short poetic tales for children. Several of his poems have been set to music by noted classical composers, most notably Dan Tucker and Claudia Howard Queen.    Kameczura is the founder of the Mythopian Artists' Group (, a group of seven highly respected Midwestern artists with an interest in narrative painting in a contemporary context.  He has exhibited widely and internationally, in Japan, Poland, Ireland and Canada as well as across the U.S.



Kathryn Kucera


Digital Painting      20 x 30"        $400.00


Kathryn studied art at the University of Wisconsin and received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.   Her artwork has been exhibited at Artemisia and several other galleries in Chicago.   



Itala Langmar

Young Tulips Dreaming of Dancing in the Wind

Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas         16 x 20"      $400

A painter since the age of six, studied in Venice, Italy, and at the Art Institute of Chicago. My inspiration is from nature. I endeavor to capture the fleeting beauty of flowers, the majesty of old trees, the melancholy of the waters of Venice and of Lake Michigan. I came to recognize my style as vaguely geometric. Always attracted to the golden rectangle and the golden ration, recently I have discovered its presence in the natural world. I call my style “geometric lyricism.” A lifelong poet, published many times, I started using lines of poetry in my paintings. They read as lyrics and as visual marks. My works have been exhibited in several one-person shows, dozens of group shows, and in prestigious journals and art publications. I am represented in many private American and Italian collections.


James Merriner

Indigenous Dancers of Zacatlain

Color Photography     16 x 20"     $345

James Merriner

 Happy Feet

 Color Photography     11 x 14"   $315

A former political editor of the Chicago Sun-Times, as a journalist and author,  James has written five books about politics and history and published some poetry.    He also sold some photojournalism before dropping photography. Now, in retirement, he has rediscovered it with a passion.   "My partner, the artist Itala Langmar, led me to see photographs not as images of objects and people but as patterns of light and colors.   I strive to shoot nature and people not as conventional “pretty” pictures but with novel perspectives that reveal something new. I believe in doing a minimum of digital editing. I never Photoshop. What you see is exactly what I saw and selected through the lens."  His  art photography has won a grant from the Wilmette Arts Guild and has been displayed at the Chicago Botanic Garden, libraries and community centers, and in Evanston.


Debra Nichols

Final Bow

Acrylic on Canvas      18 x 24”     $250

Debra Nichols

Curtain Call

Acrylic on Canvas   18 x 24”    $250

Debra Nichols


Mixed Media on Cigar Box  

7.5 x 11”

$ 175

Debra Nichols

Glory Days

Acrylic on Canvas – Print

20 x 24”

$ 150

Debra is a self-taught artist and resident of Skokie whose nature paintings have been in several exhibits at the Emily Oaks Nature Center in Skokie, IL. She enjoys going to theater and is thankful for the opportunity to exhibit at Devonshire.


Constance Vepstas 


Digital Photography    11 x 14"

Photography documentary or creative are the venues of my art. Many of my images are influenced by ideas and things I have seen traveling. I have exhibited several times at the International Woman’s show at Oakton College organized by the Women’s Gender Studies Department. Manipulations of photography is an avenue to present surrealist works which have been exhibited on several surrealist web pages. Included also was work in Surrealism Salon 10 exhibition at the Baton Rouge Gallery for Contemporary Art . Also have exhibited at museums and local galleries in Chicago.


Samantha Younis 

 Take Flight

Oil on Canvas      11 x 14"    $65

Samantha is a self-taught who works in a variety of mediums; Painting,  Sculpture, Pottery, Jewelry and Mixed Media. Currently she teaches classes at Evanston Art Center and Highland Park Art Center.


Jill Zylke


Watercolor      20 x 16"       $300.00

Jill Zylke

Las Tres Flamencas

Oil on Canvas      36 x 48"      $2,500.00

Jill Zylke

Flamenco Wedding

Oil on Canvas     36 x 48"     $2,500.00

I work in oils and watercolors, exploring the subjects that intrigue me the most; nature, time, and the creative process. My landscapes consist of scenes from my national and international travels. Some were painted on location and some were derived from photographs I took specifically to be used for paintings. They tend toward an impressionistic style. Through them I chronicle the intensity of that moment during which they are captured: the passage of light and atmosphere; the place where I stood painting and quiet while surrounded by the movement of people, breezes through the trees and clouds passing the sun; the rise and fall of the day's heat; the feelings evoked during a rarified time, in a place where I am confronted by vistas or people that are far different from my everyday experience. My portraits of dancers and musicians reflect my ongoing interest in flamenco and are a result of my contemplation of the differences between the ephemerality of music and the concreteness of art. A dancer's ability to take something that is as invisible as a sound and translate it into movement is an ongoing source of interest for me."


This exhibition is presented by Anatomically Correct Arts.   Founded in 1991, Anatomically Correct is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to showcasing works by artists in alternative spaces in a combined effort to educate, diversify, and promote community awareness of the visual and performing arts.   Exhibitions are in complement to Devonshire Cultural Center’s theatrical productions.   The exhibition is funded in part by the Illinois Arts Council, an agency of the State of Illinois.   

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