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Susan Baim, Bluma Herman, Pauline Kochanski, Boruch Lev,

Misha Livshultz, Jacqueline Moses, Leonid Osseny, Sonya Osseny,

Naomi Pollak, Pamela Sloan, Sharon Swidler, and Vassi Vasevski

on exhibition at

Devonshire Cultural Center Gallery

4400 Greenwood St Skokie, IL 60076

 FREE Artist's Reception:

Sunday, January 9, 2022 (4 pm - 6 pm)

On exhibition through January 30, 2022

Admission to the exhibition is FREE.    

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Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 9pm;

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Susan Baim

I have been doing some form of art for as long as I can remember. I was a painting major in college, but except for a fairly recent short foray into acrylic paint pouring, I have not painted on canvas in many years. One thing I discovered about myself in college, though, was how much I love color. I love putting together colors that don't necessarily "go" together and coming up with some very surprising results. That's how I fell in love with polymer clay. I have been working with polymer clay for almost 20 years. I was always amazed at how mixing little 2 oz blocks of this pliable material could reveal so many fabulous designs. I discovered that gold and silver foils, translucent clay, acrylic and oil paints, chalk pastels, and alcohol inks really enhanced the other colors of clay and that the more I manipulated and distorted the clay, the more exciting the final piece would be. I covered glass vessels, made mosaics, and created lots of colorful pendants and earrings in clay. I was a featured artist in the July 2021 issue of Passion for Polymer, a monthly magazine for those of us who love this medium. I love learning new techniques. I love creating colorful pieces. And polymer clay has allowed me to do that more than any other medium I have ever worked in.

Hearts on Fire - Polymer Clay/Mixed Media - 8 x 8"  $150


Working Together - Polymer Clay/Mixed Media - 8 x 8"  $150

Poppies!  - Polymer Clay/Mixed Media - 8 x 8"  $150

Sunrise - Polymer Clay/Mixed Media - 8 x 8"  $150 



Bluma Herman

Bluma Herman was an an artist and art teacher in Skokie from 1967 to 2018.  She had degrees in education and fine arts from Indiana and Northwestern Universities and continued studies for many years at Oakton Community College in Skokie.  Besides paintings, many of which were based on her extensive worldwide travel, Bluma produced many sculptures and exhibited in the Skokie and Wilmette libraries.

Moonrise, Oil on Canvas  20 x 24"

Mountain Scene, Oil on Canvas  22 x 27"  $500

Buffalo, Oil on Canvas  21 x 25" 



Pauline Kochanski

Pauline Kochanski received an MA from De Paul University, Chicago, Illinois in Liberal Studies titled "Sacred Landscapes." and a BA from Columbia College Chicago focused on Photography. 

While her art ranges in scope from 2-d to 3-d, using a multitude of materials, graphite, ink, ceramic and more, she says that her "intent is constant."  Her work comes from the heart, the mind and the soul and reflects her place in the written past, the unknowable future or the current moment.  Ms. Kochanski said, "My meditation practice keeps me balanced.  I consider myself a learner, sharer, and teacher of art, meditation and life." For years my work focused on black and white photography. The goal was to keep the viewer guessing about what is beyond the fragment I chose. Subjects included people portraits (physiognomy) interior and exterior landscapes (anything can become a landscape.) With the onset of color photography, I could not find my place. I took photos daily and one year posted a new photo every day on a blog, “make art every day.” Returning to my original love of drawing brought me to where I am today. With a color pencil or graphite in hand, I am fulfilled in my art practice. My current subject matter, ‘stones, bones & barbed wire’ comes from my need to understand my family history.

Oglecdunty 7984-2 - Digital B/W Photography  12 x 12"  framed   $200

Running Away - Graphite on Paper - 12 x 12"  framed   $450

Aubury - Color Photo Collage  - 13 x 13"  framed   $300

Transition 23 1-10 - B/W Fiber Photo Print  - 20 x 20"  framed   $500


Boruch Lev

Boruch was born in Moscow, Russia. Recalling his childhood: he writes, "from the age of four, I was involved in art, particularly in sculpture. For several years, I modeled lots of animals and their environments out of clay "After high school, he attended Moscow Civil Engineer Institute follow by two years of service in the Soviet Army. Then Boruch worked as a structural engineer in several architectural and engineering firms.In 1996, he immigrated to the United States with his wife and two sons. They first lived in Atlanta, Georgia where Boruch worked as a designer for an engineering company. In 2001, he accepted an engineering position in the Chicago area, settling in suburban Skokie with his family.In the summer of 2003, Boruch came across Evanston Art Center and enrolled in Sheila Oettinger’s Figurative Sculpture class. He says, "I was missing sculpting my whole life and it was just the right place for me." To this day he continues to frequent the sculpture studio often. Boruch does primarily realistic sculptures, "I love portraits and enjoy the beauty of the human body as well. Sometimes my enjoyment takes me further, and my realistic lines transform in a new way."

In the summer of 2006, Boruch worked as facilitator in a sculpture class for special needs children at Little City Foundation. During the following fall, Boruch started to work with the adult artists at Little City Foundation, and founded a sculpture studio on their campus. He has also had experience working with seniors at Presbyterian Homes in Evanston and at North Shore Senior Center in Northfield.

Boruch loves clay and he considers it his primary medium. In addition, Boruch offers private sculpture classes (Clay Class). Boruch’s work has been exhibited in numerous local and international exhibition.  His artworks were recently exhibited in Anatomically Correct Art's exhibitions Home is Where the ART is and Spirit of Africa at Devonshire Cultural Center.

Egg of Knowledge - Terracotta Sculpture

14 x 8 x 5”




Misha Livshultz

I have been a member of the Palette and Chisel Academy of Art in Chicago since 1998.  I have been painting for twenty years. In addition to painting, I like to create sculptures of heads and bodies (both male and female figures) using terra cotta and stoneware.

Palette & Chisel backyard, March  Oil on Canvas  24 x 18"  $1,500

Palette & Chisel backyard, April  Oil on Canvas  24 x 18"  $1,500

Palette & Chisel backyard, November  Oil on Canvas  24 x 20"  $1,500



Jacqueline Moses


Art is my mode of expression, the way I communicate my ideas and feelings to others. I am very conscious of my surroundings and know that each person experiences similar situations differently. I believe that anger and/or avoidance are often the way many try to deal with problematic situations. For society to evolve, we need a more honest approach. Calamities must be dealt with in a straightforward manner if improvement and healing are to take place.

Recent world and personal events have strongly influenced the content in my work.   Hopefully, solutions will be found that increase our understanding and acceptance of different cultures and give us the ability to incorporate the best from each society to help improve our lives and the earth we live in.    Though we may have different life styles and live in different environments we share many of the same needs.   The imagery presented in my paintings is reflective of our times as is the technique used.   

Many of my paintings are combination of photographic transfer and oil on canvas.    All images are derived from my photography and juxtaposed to create the desired image.

She received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a MFA from Northern Illinois University.   Her work has been exhibited nationally in many galleries and she had had over 50 exhibitions in and around Chicago, as well as several exhibitions in the Rockford Art Museum.    She has also exhibited in Sweden.   Her "Moveena Newhouse" cow from Chicago's Cows on Parade was featured in Zweeble Films documentary Vincent:  A Life In Color.    Her artworks were recently exhibited in Anatomically Correct Art's exhibitions Home is Where the ART is and Spirit of Africa at Devonshire Cultural Center.


Southern Towns, Carrier Mills, IL   Oil and Photo Transfer on Canvas, 40 x 50"  $2,500



Leonid Osseny

Born in 1948 in the city of Nizhny-Tagil, Russia. In 1963, Leonid became a student at the Ural College of Applied Arts, and later attended Belarus State Theater and Art University studying art and design. After graduating, he worked as an architect and restorer at the Belarus Institute of Renovation and Conservation. Since 1991, Leonid lives in Chicago where he works as an architect, designer, freelance artist and an illustrator.  Leonid Osseny’s art and research were recognized in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally. Among them, shows at the ArchiTech Gallery, Chicago, the International James Joyce Symposium at the National College of Ireland, Dublin. Personal exhibitions at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago, Evanston Public Library and the Gene Siskel Film Center.  His work was published in the Joyce Studies Annual, Fordham University Press, and can be found in public and private collections in the United States and Europe. Several original drawings for James Joyce “Ulysses” are on display at the James Joyce Museum in Dublin, Ireland.

Chicago, Clark Street Bridge, Acrylic on Canvas - 36 x 20" - $3,000

Moscow, Bol'shoy Moskvoretskiy Bridge, Acrylic on Canvas - 30 x 40" - $2,000 framed




Sonya Osseny

Sonya (Sofia) Osseny was born in Minsk, Belarus in a family of prominent Belarusian artists, including her father Chaim Livchitz. In her childhood she was surrounded by arts and music and, it was naturally, after graduating High School, she entered the Art Academy in Minsk and graduate as an Interior and Furniture Designer. While studying at the art school, she met her future husband, artist Leonid Osseny. After successfully graduating from the Art School in 1991, she led an Art Studio in Minsk and taught a generation of students, many of whom became professional artists. Since 1991, Sonya has lived in Skokie with her husband Leonid where she teaches painting and drawing classes at their Lincoln Terrace Art Studio and Gallery, as well as working as a professional furniture designer.

Lincoln Terrace Art Studio and Gallery is located at 5027 Warren St in Skokie.  It offers classes in painting, drawing, sculpture and puppet making to students of all ages.  The studio offers a unique learning environment using diverse types of media including pencil, watercolor, tempera, oil paint.  Students learn to draw still life, landscapes, human figures and portraits.  Lessons also focus on decorate and applied arts. In addition, they offer lectures on art theory and the history of art. 


Still - Life with Flowers - Oil on linen - 40 x 38" framed   $3,000


Naomi Pollak

Naomi has been painting and drawing for the past 12 years, exhibiting and selling her work both in local juried art exhibitions as well as abroad.  She continues to attend classes at the Evanston Art Center in Evanston, IL.   Naomi's still life paintings include toys, flowers, daily gadgets and Judaica. In addition to her artwork, Naomi works in the community as a physical therapist.    Her artworks were recently exhibited in Anatomically Correct Art's exhibition Home is Where the ART is at Devonshire Cultural Center.


Reflections in Blue -12 x 9" - Oil on Linen Board - $180


Pamela Sloan

Ms. Sloan has a BFA is Visual Art, MFA in Architecture, and MEd in Educational Leadership. She is an architect, educator, and environmental activist. Pam’s art is used to fund environment causes.  Inspiration for her art comes from conservation efforts to protect native ecosystems and vulnerable to endangered species.

A portion of her sales goes to, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and the Alliance for the Great Lakes.


Blue-Spotted Salamander - Acrylic and Latex on Wood - 30 x 40" - $1,500


Asian Rhino - Pastel, Pencil, Latex on Paper - 48 x 36" - $1,950


Great Lakes Sturgeon - Acylic and Sand from Lake Michigan on Wood - 30 x 40" - $1,500



Sharon Swidler

Inspired by the atmosphere. Simple and complex: I am fascinated by space: actual, personal, psychological, and how real, mental and emotion interruptions pierce or glide through space (clouds, utility lines, trees, thoughts). I obscure boundaries between binaries; natural/man-made line and form, interior/exterior environments, to symbolize our continuous transformation as we navigate through our ever-changing surroundings. In recent years, my paintings have become meditative; spaces in which to reflect on the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of this flow of being.

Sharon Swidler creates paintings and drawings which incorporate minimalism, colorfield and landscape. Her work has been exhibited nationally and is included in private collections throughout the U.S. Sharon earned a BA and MFA in Drawing & Painting from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. She teaches Design, Drawing and Women & the Arts at the college level, and is currently an adjunct instructor at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois.  

Her artworks were recently exhibited in Anatomically Correct Art's exhibition Home is Where the ART is at Devonshire Cultural Center.

Gray Geyser - Acrylic on Canvas - 20 x 20"  $1,100

Juicy - Acrylic on Canvas - 20 x 20"  $1,100




Vassilen Vasevski (Vassi) was born in Sliven, Bulgaria. He holds a MFA in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria and AS in Commercial arts from Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne, IN, USA. He has participated in noumerous art show in Europe (Bulgaria, Sweden, France, Croatia, Switzerland) and the US (Chicago, New York, Houston, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne).

Vassi teaches drawing, design and art appreciation art courses at Harold Washington college in Chicago.  His artworks were recently exhibited in Anatomically Correct Art's exhibition Home is Where the ART is at Devonshire Cultural Center.

Return Home - Oil on Canvas - 12 x 16"  $520

Nostalgia - Oil on Canvas - 12 x 16"  $520

Dream - Oil on Canvas - 12 x 16"  $520



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