Tools For Living




Mixed Media Work by Deborah Maris Lader


On display at:

Apollo Theatre

2540 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL

Free Opening Reception: 

Friday, October 18, 2002 from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

There is no charge for viewing the artwork.

Regular viewing hours:

 Tues - Sat (10 am - showtime) 

Sun (12 pm - showtime) 

through November 11, 2002.

This art exhibition is in complement to The Vagina Monologues.









Wristsplint/Needle & Thread

Gum print on wood/polaroid emulsion transfer & graphite drawing on wood panel

9.5 x 10"

$ 840



Deborah received a M.F.A. in printmaking from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and a B.F.A. in printmaking from Cornell University. In 1989, Deborah founded the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, a studio environment where artist-printmakers pursue their work and broaden their knowledge of printmaking media. In 1999, Deborah was awarded the Columbia College Chicago Paul Berger Arts Entrepreneurship Award recognizing her outstanding leadership and innovation in the area of arts entrepreneurship in Chicago. Her artwork has been exhibited at Wood Street Gallery, Belloc Lowndes Gallery, Riverside Arts Center, Mars Gallery, ARC Gallery to list only a few.

"The objects and images in my current work represent a variety of visually distinct, yet thematically related issues having to do with the subjects of healing, embracing our differences, and the celebration of the ordinary. Images of hands, tools, children, and the use of found objects serve as metaphors to explore these ideas and are presented in a 'series of series', where sets of works are driven by experimentation with a particular viewpoint and chosen materials. The pieces employ a wide range of techniques and media, including printmaking, drawing, photographic transfer, construction, collage, and casting.

As mentioned, some of the images in my current work explore and expand upon the idea of 'tools' as a metaphor for how we personally function in a social environment which seems inclined to categorize, label, and discriminate according to each of our abilities, non-abilities, and differences. As a parent of a young child diagnosed with one of those many 'definitions', these issues are all too present and real.   Differences need to be celebrated. We all need tools to survive, and perhaps that is the great equalizer.   The great healer."

                                                                                                            - Deborah Maris Lader


Not Easy to Evaluate

Gum print on wood/polaroid emulsion transfer & graphite drawing on wood panel

9.5 x 10"

$ 840


Finger Goniometer/Tape Measure

Gum print on wood/graphite drawing on wood panel

9.5 x 10"

$ 840



Digital Prints on Handmade Paper w/ Hand Coloring/Ink

Mixed Media

8.5 x 10.5"

$ 250


Founded in 1991, Anatomically Correct is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to showcasing works by artists in alternative spaces in a combined effort to educate, diversify, and promote community awareness of the visual and performing arts.   

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