Art in Alternative Spaces


Call to Duty: Art by Veterans

and Family Members of Veterans


Featuring Artworks by

Larry Greenberg, Jeanine Hill-Soldner,  Jerry Kykisz & Juan Roman

E x t e n d e d through January 21, 2024!

at Devonshire Cultural Center

4400 Greenwood Ave, Skokie, IL  60076


The building is handicap accessible.  Admission to the exhibition is FREE.    


Gallery Viewing Hours are:

Mon - Thurs: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Fri, Sa, Su: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Closed Holidays




Larry Greenberg

U.S. soldiers who were wounded and injured in the war against ISIS terrorists needed rehabilitation to be restored to well-being. In many cases, personnel were stationed at remote bases in Iraq and Syria. Because they were far from major base hospitals and clinics they had to be treated on-site.  Medical corps personnel, including this PT doctor, were helicoptered to care for our soldiers.    

My drawing is of a family member who is currently serving active duty in Syria-Iraq and previously in Afghanistan.

Having blown off my required high school art class in 1964, I decided to take up pencil, charcoal, and pastel in 2018. I am happy to have had the mentorship and guidance of Sabina West at the Skokie Park District studio and the Life Drawing experience of the Skokie Art Guild to develop my skills. I am most interested in capturing human form and visage, especially in unusual situations and expressions.   His drawings were recently exhibited in Anatomically Correct's exhibition, No Place Like Home, at the Devonshire Cultural Center in Skokie.


Rehab over Syria, Charcoal & Pastel,  24 x 28"  $350

© Larry Greenberg




Jeanine Hill-Soldner



Jeanine Hill-Soldner is an award winning nationally recognized artist with more than 30 years of art exhibition and teaching experience.  Born in Quantico, Virginia and raised in a military family, she moved frequently and has traveled internationally. The Artist’s grandfather gave her a set of oil paints at age 12 and by the age of 15 she began painting lessons in an artists’ studio setting the foundation for her lifelong passion for art. She earned a Bachelor of Art Education at the University of Florida and Master of Art from the University of Illinois and has taught art to all ages.

Her artwork has been exhibited in museums and galleries nationally and been featured in more than 200 group shows and numerous solo exhibits. The Artist’s profile was featured on PBS. Her work can be found in public and private collections in the US and Europe.   She is founder of the seminal “Portraits of American Veterans Project” and “Memories of an Era” that have exhibited extensively and featured in 2017 at Chicago’s National Veterans Art Museum.   She is a member of the Water Street Studios Artist Collective, Chicago Women’s Caucus for Art, Chicago Alliance of Visual Artists, and the Chicago Society of Artists.

Her series Portraits of American Veterans began in 2009 with her goal to create art about war that authentically depicts and honors the Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen that have served in foreign conflicts during the 20th and 21st centuries.  Meaningful objects, such as medals, uniforms, and photographs, were chosen by the veteran which provide key elements in the visual story telling process.  The paintings and stories provide a visual dialogue, a connection between the veteran and the viewer., this exhibit was a continuation of the artists’ artwork about war and veterans.  This series of original oil paintings depicts local veterans with their photographs and stories. 

Artist Statement:

War affects us all.  Do we share memories through generations” Are future generations destined to create their unique memories, or in some way repeat the past?  Do we connect with others when we sense a shared past in the form of communal memory?  What I have observed is individuals with the ability to empathize with others feel connected to the past in some way.

My painting process is a rhythmic dance of decisions and executions.  As I proceed with my work the paintings reveal hidden complexity.  Through this process I am working out the complexities of my childhood and the ambiguities of a life with many kinds of loss.  Forms of loss include losing friends and family from constantly moving from base to base, and the recuring, yet precarious, temporary loss of a military family member who served multiple deployments.  This is the essence of art, the viewer brings their own experiences to the art, thus each one will interpret art of their own level.

This body of work has been developing for almost a decade.  Both engaging and contemplative, the legacies of service form the veterans who served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq are reminders of their sacrifices.  I want to offer insight into my individual experiences and at the same time relate to the wider cultural experience. 



Photo: Jeanine with her father Dan Hill



Flag Token, Oil on Canvas, 18 x 18" framed  $350.00

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner


Portraits of American Veterans Project

Sharon Sprenger, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Air Force, Parachute Rigger

Philippine Conflict, Peace Keeper

Florida National Guard, Inactive Readiness Reserve

1979 –1994

Sharon is the artist’s sister.

Following discharge from the National Guard, Sharon studied  alternative healing and is today a licensed message therapist and yoga instructor.  She has one daughter and two grandsons. 


 Dan Hill (1928-1993)

Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Marine Corps, Sergeant Major

World War II, Iwo Jima, Machine Gunner

Korea, Chosen Reservoir, Machine Gunner

Two Tours in Vietnam, 3r Recon Battalion, 1965-1966

VMA 225 1969– 1970

Dan L. Hill is Jeanine Hill-Soldner’s dad.

Dan was born in Apopka, Florida in 1928.  By 1943 at the age of 15, he began his career as a U.S. Marine, and by 16 (though he said he was 17) he experienced his first combat on the Island of Iwo Jima in WW II.  After returning home he was discharged, but one year later he reenlisted and went on to fight in Korea at the infamous Chosen Reservoir. Wounded in in a hospital in Japan, Dan’s mom received a telegram reporting his death.  He later returned home to find a public unaware of his sacrifices, so he decided the “Corps” would be his career.  He was later stationed in Stuttgart, Germany where he met Margaret Goldbeck (Maggie).  She as a decoder for the U.S. State Department.  Two years later they returned to the United States, married, and started their family, eventually raising four girls.  The artist, Jeanine, is the second oldest of the four sisters. The family moved frequently, especially during the Vietnam War.  Dan was in the first ground troops to enter Vietnam in the spring on 1965.  He was a First Sergeant of Bravo Company Third Reconnaissance Battalion stationed in Da Nang, Chu Lai, Pho Bai, and all points in between.  The spring of 1969 he was deployed with the USMC Air Wing, VMA 225 in Da Nang.  He returned home in 1970 planning to retire and finally go fishing, plant a garden, and enjoy his family.  In 1972, he received deployment orders to Vietnam for a third tour.  He refused. Dan retired in 1973 at 45 after a 30-year career as a U.S. Marine.


 CR Soldner, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Marine Corps, Captain Aviation Ordinance Officer

1953– 1972

Vietnam, Ordinance Officer Chu Lai, Rifle Platoon. Leader,

1967– 1968

Group Ordinance Officer Da Nang, 1970– 1971

Charles R. Soldner is Jeanine Hill-Soldner's Father-in-Law.

“Bob” entered the Marine Corps in 1953.  He enlisted in New York and reported for training at MACRD Paris Island, South Carolina.  He graduated from Airmen Prep School NATTC in Jacksonville, Florida and moved on to Cherry Point, North   Carolina to load weapons on F9F4 Panther Jets.  After that, he took the Nuclear Weapons Assembly Course in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  In 1961, he as stationed at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, and then went back to Cherry Point.  By June 1967, he   reported to Dan Nang and Chu Lai, Vietnam as 1st Lt. Ordinance Officer.  He supported the Rifle Platoon and MAG 12 operations during the TET Offensive.  Bob redeployed to Do Nang in 1970 as Group Ordinance officer.  In 1972 he retired as Mustang Captain 6502 in Jacksonville, Florida.  Bob is a member of the American Legion, and a lifetime member of the Association of  Aviation Ordinancemen.




 Phil Seyller (1925-2013)

Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Army, Specialist 4

Bien Hoa, Vietnam

1968– 70

The youngest of four brothers who all served in the military, Phil enlisted in the Army while a junior in high school.  Soon after graduation he was called for duty.  His basic training was at Fort Knox before he moved  on to Fort Huachuca, Arizona to train in communications as part of the 11th Signal Brigade NETCOM.  He was deployed to Vietnam in 1969, landing in Bien Hoa with 1st Signal Brigade.  He then moved to Phu Bai then Quang Tri, and was  later attached to 3rd Marines in Don Ha and Red Devil LZ.  After a year in  Vietnam, Phil was ready to come home to Elgin, Illinois.  Upon   returning home he attended Elgin Community College and went on to spend 13 years working as a machine operator at Chicago Rawhide.  In 1990 he married an Army veteran named Wendy and together they had a daughter.  They were very an active with their local VFW.


 Bert Notheison (1923-2014)

Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Army Air Corps, Fighter Pilot

World War II,  460th Bomber Group

Spinazzola, Italy

1943– 45

Bert enlisted a year after the attack on Pearl Harbor and was called for duty the       following year.  He went to Miami for basics then to Mississippi and Illinois for pilot training.  He graduated as a 2nd Lt.  He then went to Maxwell Field, Alabama  and Harlington, Texas for B-24 Bomber training and finally to Charleston, South Carolina for combat training.  A year later, Bert was shipped with his unit to Spinazzola, Italy.  WW II was coming to a close by the end of Bert’s deployment in I taly.  During his year co-piloting B-24s, Bert flew many missions, inflicting     damage on Praque Pilsen Skoda, Blechhammer and Moosbierbaum Oil Refineries, Verona, and Linz, Austria.  Heavy losses of crew and friends punctuated the harrowing flights over Europe that Bert and his comrades of the 460th bravely endured. 


 Dana Mayer, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Air Force, Captain, Critical Care Air Transport Team

Iraq –Two Tours,  Afghanistan

2004 - 2011

After nursing school Dana enlisted in the Air Force.  She was first    deployed to Balad, Iraq where she worked in hospital intensive care unit treating American military personnel, member of NATO coalition forces, and local nationals and children. She flew in over 45 missions    treating over 70 people and logged more than 250 combat hours.  In her portrait, Dana holds her quilt from “Quilts of Valor,” which she was given on her first tour of duty in Iraq.


 John D. Roach, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Navy, Machinist Mate First Class Petty Officer

Vietnam, USS Point Defiance, USS Cleveland

1966– 78

John is the third generation in his family to serve in the Navy. His grandmother was in the Navy and his Dad an officer.  He grew-up as a Navy “brat” with a childhood of multiple moves with his father’s career.  After high school, he enlisted and served two deployments in Vietnam aboard several ships and amphibious assault craft.  He worked as a mechanic in the engine rooms     below deck.  After serving 12 years in the Navy, John was discharged and became project manager in nuclear power plant construction, a real estate manager and a construction site manager in the health care industry. 


 Timothy Brien, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S.  Air Force, Airman 1st class E-3

Somalia, Saudi, Sano Cantos Honduras, Panama City Panama, Peru, Columbia


Enlisting in the Air Force after high school Tim completed basics then went to Chanute, AFB for training as a c-130 aircraft mechanic.  During his high school years he was in orchestra and theatre which translated into performing for drills, with “base bands” and at local coffee houses while not on duty.  After discharge Tim attend SIU earning a BA in theater and MA in theater pedagogy from Virginia Commonwealth University. Today he works as a an Employment Coordinator for the US Department of Veterans Services.  He later completed his first play about experiences of being a veteran.   


 Anna Hauge, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

United States Navy, Lieutenant R. N.

World War II, Pacific, U. S. S. Tranquility

1942- 45

Anna was born in 1920 in Buffalo County, Pennsylvania, and was the oldest of 11 children.  She attended nursing school after high school and received her R.N. license in 1941.  The following year she enlisted in the U.S. Navy, and after training was stationed aboard the USS Tranquility as part of the Pacific fleet.  Anna was one of the 30 nurses who assisted in the rescue of 250 survivors of the torpedoed USS Indianapolis ship.  After discharge Anna married, started a family, and continued her 30-year nursing career.

 Lillia Hodges, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Army, E-5 - SP5

Germany, Admin. Specialist &95C Correctional Specialist

Cold War and US Army Recruiting Command Investigative Division


Lillia’s basic training raining began at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, in the last all-female basic training company.  Upon arrival in Mannheim, Germany Lillia was assigned to the 77th MP Detachment -first as assistant to Stockade Command, then as supervisor of    prisoner shipment to United States.  Upon return home, Lilia was assigned typist duties for the  Malpractice Division of USAREC.  She is disabled due to her duties in Europe.  Lilia is a mother and grandmother, and very active in her church, and assists with veteran support groups.


 Charles McHenry (1924-2011)

Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Navy, Petty Officer 2nd Class, Submariner

World War II 1943– 45  

Korean War 1950– 52

In 1924 Charles was born in Euclid, Ohio. He attended seminary after high school, but service to country came first, so he joined the Navy in 1943.  He was stationed aboard the Finback during WW II in the Pacific and was discharged after two years.   After five years of civilian life, he reenlisted as a reservist and received orders to board the Finback for a tour of duty in Korea.  Following his second discharge Charles settled into a career in electrical maintenance and raised his family in Crystal Lake, IL. 


 De Yip G. Louie (1925-2013)

Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

United States Army, T5

World War II, Philippines, Korea


Chinese immigrant, Louie, was drafted into the US Army at the age of 17.  He received his US Citizenship in 1955, eight years after his discharge from the Army.  He went on to become a world renowned magician performing magic shows all over the world. Throughout his career, Louie also modeled and acted in television commercials. 


 Dick Hattan, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S.  Army, Specialist 4th Class

101st Airborne, 502nd Infantry, 101 Administration

Phu Bai, Vietnam

1970– 1971

After Advanced Infantry Training at Fort Polk, Louisiana, Dick learned to drive an Armored Personnel Carrier.   He was quickly  deployed to Phu Bai and Camp Campbell.  While pulling guard duty on the        perimeter Dick decided on his career path in the health care industry which eventually spanned 37 years.  Seven years after returning home he sought the medals he had been awarded.  Dick is also a poet and published several books.  He  teaches writing workshops to veterans and family members.  


 Al Weber, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U. S. Marine Corps, Sergeant

1st Recon Battalion, Charlie Company

Da Nang, Vietnam– Two Tours

1968– 1970

On August 17, 1967 at age 17, Al joined the “best organization in the world,” the U.S. Marine Corps.  He joined on the “buddy plan” with childhood friends John and Mike.  John did not survive battle after the siege of Khe Sahn.  Mike went to Vietnam while Al spent a year with 5th Force Recon in San Diego.  He later joined Mike with Alpha Co.  After two tours of duty, Al came home in 1970, married Linda, and started a family.  He worked as a truck driver for the next 40 years. 


 Bill E. Crist, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S.  Army, E 4

Vietnam, Ambulance Driver, Medic


Drafted into the Army at age 18, Bill trained in Echo 33 Company Tigerland for infantry at Fort Polk, Louisiana.  Shortly thereafter he was deployed to Vietnam and worked as an ambulance driver and medic in a Critical Care Specialty Unit.  He experienced while saving lives of the wounded.  Today Bill volunteers at the Hines VA and the National  Veterans Art Museum,  sharing his experiences in the U.S. Military and speaking to student tour groups.

 Allen Jakes, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U. S. Army, Specialist 5

Vietnam, X-Ray Technician and Clinic Management

1968– 1971

Corn in Phillips, Mississippi, Allen moved to Chicago as a boy. He attended John Marshall High School, Texas College, and Roosevelt University.  Allen then trained in Radiology Technology at For Sam in Houston Texas.  After discharge, he worked as an Assistant Director of the Therapeutic and Recreation Department at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, and the Better Boys Foundation.


 Christoper F. O'Neil, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Air Force, Transport Pilot

Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan

After graduating in 1991 from Undergraduate Pilot Training at Reese Air Force Base in Texas, Chris was assigned C-21A jet and became an examiner pilot and lieutenant  This was the beginning of a long and exciting military career that took Chris to every continent and three war zones.  After 10 years of service and multiple deployments, he became a commercial aircraft pilot in 2000 while remaining in the Air Force Reserves.   His unit was activated in 2003 for OEF and OIF.  Currently,  Chris is retired and continuing his second career as a commercial pilot. 


 Edgar Gonzalez-Baeza, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Army,  Supply Sergeant

1999– 2007

Baghdad, Iraq,  Operation Enduring Freedom


After enlisting in 1999, Edgar went to Ft. Knox for basic training and Ft. Lee, VA for 92Y Unit Supply Specialist training.  He later connected to 17th Psychological Operations Battalion HQ Co. in Chicago while pursuing an Art Education degree.  In 2003 his unit was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq with the 301st Tactical PSYOP BN HSC (Airborne).  Upon return home Edgar was discharged and received his American Citizenship at the Pritzker Military Library in Chicago. He now teaches elementary and high school art, and exhibits his own   artwork.



 Kenneth Coats (1947-2012)

Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

United States Army, Master Sgt. E-8

1966– 1994

Vietnam, 35th Engineer Battalion


Ken enlisted in the Army 6 months after his father, James, retired from the Army.  He trained as a 12-B Combat Engineer and a Demolition Mine Warfare/Specialist.   His time in-country took him to Quy Nhon, Bong Song, Duc Pho, and An Lao Valley where his duties included mine sweeping and landing zone construction.  After returning home in 1968, he trained at Army Engineer School in Ft. Balvoir, Virginia, an instructor at the Officer Candidate’s School an Officer’s Candidate’s Special Forces for West Point, and instructor for  Combat Engineer Readiness for National Guard and Army Reserve Units.    His duty stations include the U.S, Europe, NATO Arctic Circle, and Greenland.  His Grandfather, Rev. Frank Coats Sr. served in the U.S. Army in WW I and: his Father, James M. Coates served in the U.S. Army Air Corps in WW II and his Son, Kevin M. Coats, served in the U.S. Army Reserves.


 Pat Tanner, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Army Corporal, RA 16

Korean Era, 1953

Born in and raised in Chicago,  Pat joined the Army at age 20 to serve his  country at the time of the Korean War.   After basic training in Fort Campbell in Kentucky, where he was deployed  Japan for a year where he worked with the local people and packed many parachutes for the troops fighting in Korea.  Of his time in the Army he states;    We managed the absurdity of a war that had to be fought with an     intelligent sense of humor.  We had sayings such as, “It’s top secret, don’t tell hardly anyone.”  While Hollywood made money from slogans such as:  “Gong-ho”, “Geronimo”- these where in reality to laugh at us. The 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team, the Rakkasans, where tough, sharp and irreverent when we needed to be.  We jumped from airplanes because we could, and because it was needed, we were troopers.                   


   Matt Ping, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Army, E4

3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division



After basic training in Fort Drum, New York, Matt was deployed for an 18 month tour of duty in Afghanistan.  Upon returning home and honorable discharge from the Army, he has little to say about his experiences during the war.  He is a quiet man who chooses to write music and films that speak of his experiences. Matt studied filmmaking at the Art Institute of Chicago.

 Virgil Mathis, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Army, Sergeant

Vietnam Era, Belgium


Virgil enlisted after high school with a desire to serve in the Vietnam War, but his technical skills were needed in Europe for Air Defense Command as a Hawk Missile Technician. After discharge, Virgil was homeless for a year.  Through the G.I. Bill, he attended Coyne Electrical School in Chicago and worked for Montgomery Wards Service Repair Center for 27 years.  Now he is an inventor, an active American Legion member, and veteran peer counselor.  In this Portrait, he holds a picture of his brother.  Virgil Mathis, who served in the U.S. Navy and served two tours in Vietnam.  He would like to dedicate his portrait to his bother Victor who passed away in March of 2009.


 Adam Navarro Lowery, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Army, Specialist Military Police Corps

101st Airborne Division

Kosovo, NATO Multi-National Brigade

2000– 2003

As a Dearborn, Michigan native, Adam enlisted in the Army after high school.  He then attended Military Police School after basic training and was assigned to 101st Airborne.  Adam performed law enforcement duties at Fort Campbell before being deployed to    Kosovo, as part of Task Force Falon.  After discharge, Adam          attended DePaul University majoring in Military and Veterans Studies and served as a student veteran activist.

 William J. Cullerton (1928-2013)

Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30"

© Jeanine Hill-Soldner

U.S. Army Air Force, Ace Fighter Pilot

World War II,  355th Fighter Group, POW

Steeple Morden Airfield, England

1943– 45

Born in 1923, Chicago native Bill Cullerton went on to become one of the most celebrated ACE Pilots of WWII.  He was credited with destroying five enemy aircrafts in aerial combat, plus 15 more on the ground, and damaged nine. He was shot down by flak on April 5th, 1945, and was captured by a Waffen-SS Officer who shot him in the stomach and left him for dead. After being found by American forces, he was hospitalized and returned to the United States shortly after the war in Europe ended. In later years he hosted the "Great Outdoors Show" on Chicago's WGN-Radio from 1979-1999. He was inducted into the International Sport Fishing Hall of Fame, the Illinois Military Aviation Hall of Fame, and he is enshrined in the Champlin Fighter Aces Museum in Mesa, Arizona.




Jerry Kykisz

Vietnam Veteran - US Army

During the Vietnam War, Jerry served as a platoon leader, then went on to become an Advisor of Montagnard (a French term meaning “mountain people.”).  His interest in photography began when he picked up a Yashica camera at the “PX” army-based supply store to document, relieve, and process the stresses of the war.   “In 1969, I took my first photographs in Vietnam & and Japan, both countries were a visual paradise for the exotic and erotic.”  

Since then, he has preferred to use a Nikon camera when shooting either black and white or color photographs.  His first exhibit came 20 years later when he was chosen to exhibit his photographs at the ARC Gallery in Chicago.  His photographs were recently seen in Anatomically Correct's exhibition "Courage" at the Devonshire Cultural Center in 2022.  Jerry likes to include his authored short poems and anthologies alongside his photographs.  

As he continued to exhibit his photos in and around Chicago and across the country, he became interested in curating exhibitions and collaborating with other veterans. 

Jerry is one of the founding members of the National Veterans Art Museum and his efforts to find ways to support veterans are unsurpassed as he continues to find spaces for veteran artists to show their artwork.   “The most interesting exhibit space I curated was aboard the Queen Mary in Los Angeles, CA.” 

Most recently, he curated a touring exhibit “A Touching Tribute: The Long War Memorial”, an interactive display case of over 200 veteran ID tags with photos of fallen warriors.  The tags are corresponding, so when the display lid closes, each photograph connects with its owner’s name.  In addition, a single blank black tag is prominently included in the display, representing military suicide awareness which remains a large part of those affected by war.   He also created a separate interactive display case of all the women veterans who have been casualties of war since September 11, 2001.  Jerry’s other veteran-themed touring exhibitions include Conflict Zone (veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan War), Women of Courage (women veterans), Trauma and Metamorphosis (focusing on PSTD experienced by veterans), Children of War: Moments of War Horrors through the lens of Photographers (photos by Ukrainian and Polish photojournalists documenting the war in Ukraine) and the online website



Ceremony of Salvation

Color Photo, 16 x 20"   $150

  © Jerry Kykisz


Ceremony of Elegance

Color Photo, 12 x 16"   $100

  © Jerry Kykisz



Ceremony of Patience

B/W Photo, 12 x 16"   $100

  © Jerry Kykisz


Ceremony of  Ceremonies

Color Photo, 12 x 16"   $100

  © Jerry Kykisz


Ceremony of Passage

B/W Photo, 12 x 16"   $100

  © Jerry Kykisz

Ceremony of  Sorrow

B/W Photo, 12 x 16"   $100

  © Jerry Kykisz


Ceremony of Flame

B/W Photo, 12 x 16"   $100

  © Jerry Kykisz


Ceremony of  Guilt

B/W Photo, 12 x 16"   $100

  © Jerry Kykisz


Eye of the Storm

Color Photo, 16 x 20"   $150

  © Jerry Kykisz


Ceremony of Motherhood

Color Photo, 12 x 16"   $100

  © Jerry Kykisz



Color Photo, 16 x 20"   $150

  © Jerry Kykisz


Ceremony of  Faith

B/W Photo, 12 x 16"   $100

  © Jerry Kykisz



Juan Roman

US Airforce (1977-1981)


Juan Roman being congratulated by the Aviano, Italy AFB Commander for making the rank of Staff Sergeant. 








"In 1969, as a high school sophomore, I attended an anti-war rally outside the Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago, where the performance troupe Rapid Transit staged a memorable protest featuring a larger-than-life caricature of “Tricky Dicky” (former President Nixon).   With a German 35 mm camera with a manual exposure  Leica lens, I snapped a black and white photo that captured the essence of that era.   This began my budding interest in photography.  

Amid the backdrop of the Vietnam War and the selective service draft lottery, uncertainty loomed over young men.  The war eventually ended, but I chose to enlist in the Air Force, where I continued my education, earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degrees.     This photo represents a pivotal moment in history as well as my journey of growth and resilience.  It serves as a testament to the power of capturing history in its most defining moments."

Juan was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Chicago.  A graduate of  Northwestern University, he strives to preserve his Puerto Rican culture and advance it for succeeding generations.   In addition to photography, Juan creates traditional and contemporary style Puerto Rican "Vejigante" carnival masks using paper mache, acrylic paint, wires and a variety of other mediums.  His masks are in the collection of the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, as well as, in the local Chicago museums of the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture and The Puerto Rican Arts Alliance.  In addition to his mask-making, Juan is a photographer.

Juan strongly believes that the arts are important and a way to preserve various cultural and artistic traditions.


1969 - Anti-War Rally, Chicago

  © Juan Roman




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