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Laura Cerf Dahl, Tiger Lily Cross, Karen Dawson, Melanie Deal

Maria Gedroc, Amy Hanks, Pauline Kochanski, Itala Langmar

Carol Luc, Anita Ivy Miller, Sara Peak Convery, Sonia Sanchez

Grishma Shah,  Sholo, Linda Ann Weber and Lisa Zane

Lisa        Zane

Free Artists Reception:

March 16, 2024 (2 - 4 pm)

Featuring Live Music by singer/songwriter Val Leventhal

Val's Vimeo:

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at Devonshire Cultural Center

4400 Greenwood Ave, Skokie, IL  60076

On exhibit through May 19, 2024

The building is handicap accessible.  Admission to the exhibition is FREE.    

Gallery Viewing Hours are:

Mon - Thurs: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Fri, Sa, Su: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Closed Holidays


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Laura Cerf Dahl

I have had a lifelong love of art and began to be seriously interested in making art while an undergraduate at Brown. It was as a graduate student at R.I.S.D., where I had a teaching fellowship in art education, that I began to truly see myself as an artist. In 1977, I was awarded a one-and-a-half-year artist-in-residency in Brockton, Massachusetts through a federally funded C.E.T.A., subsequently exhibiting locally and nationally and teaching watercolor in a community-based adult ed. program.  My work was shown in New York as well as Boston before I relocated to Chicago in December 1987. Soon after, I was a finalist for the prestigious Bunting Institute fellowship at Harvard. In Chicago, while raising my son, I returned to teaching art full-time for the first time since teaching in Massachusetts in my early 20s - when I had also helped design and develop a visual art curriculum for the state. In 2002, I left teaching and resumed art studies, before finding a studio in a building with other artists in Evanston. As a working artist, I exhibit extensively and have received three artist grants from the Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs and a professional development grant from the Illinois Arts Council. My work is in private and public collections and the City of Brockton, MA C.E.T.A. Project.




Acrylic on Oil on gessoed paper

38 x 29"


© Laura Cerf Dahl



Tiger Lily Cross

Tiger Lily is a self-taught artist who works with a variety of mediums, including watercolor, oil, acrylics, pastels, graphite, colored pencils, paper, cardboard boxes, and wood.    She also enjoys Plein air painting.     Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries in Chicago, Oak Park, Skokie, Blue Island, Illinois, and also in LaGrange, Texas, and Oahu, Hawaii.   This is Tiger Lily’s seventh exhibition with Anatomically Correct Arts.

My Night Garden

Acrylic on Canvas

18 x 22”


© Tiger Lily Cross



Acrylic on Canvas

12 x 12”

$ 250

© Tiger Lily Cross


Green Leaves Mean Growth

Acrylic on Wood

8 x 10”

$ 150

© Tiger Lily Cross



Butterfly Love

Acrylic on Canvas

11 x 14”

$ 175

© Tiger Lily Cross





Karen Dawson

After earning her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Karen began a career in commercial graphic design for Chicago area trade associations including The National Association of Realtors. After retirement, she returned to creating art, relocated to Northern Indiana, and has a studio in Warsaw. Her work has been exhibited in several juried regional shows in the Midwest. Karen is a volunteer docent with the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and an active member of the Indiana Women’s Caucus for Art.

 “My art explores and tests the boundaries between the botanical world and that of our society. The energy and images generated among these worlds create powerful forms. The botanical world, with its endless offerings of color, texture, line, form, and energy, represents to me a microcosm of the universe and cycles of relationships as well as their quest for survival, eventual senescence, and rebirth. I invite the viewer to see the beauty and intricacy of these worlds and invite contemplation of their relevance in the social order of our universe.”


Datura Grande with Companions

paper on board

22 X 46” triptych


© Karen Dawson




Melanie Deal

Melanie Deal’s paper collages and mixed-media works incorporate both predictable patterns and unexpected elements. Recent exhibitions include “Collage/Assemblage” at ARC Gallery (Chicago), “Well Versed” at Northwestern University’s Dittmar Gallery (Evanston), and “At Home” at Norris Cultural Arts Center Gallery (St. Charles).



20 x 28”

mixed media (paper, printouts, tape, teeth)


© Melanie Deal


I'm With Her

28 x 40”

paper, printouts, milagros, beads, mirror


© Melanie Deal




Maria Gedroc

My artwork is mixed media in nature including acrylic paint, paper, wood, photography, and found objects. Many of my ideas, themes, and content explore personal space and spirituality through architectural or natural elements. I like building things. I like the tangible feeling of materials and sometimes these ideas develop into paintings, photography, collage, and or three-dimensional structures. After many years of creating art, I have different series of works all of which have their own deeper symbolism and meaning about the pieces in the series.


Mary, Queen of the Universe

Acrylic & Mixed Media Collage

31 x 43”


 © Maria Gedroc


Aphrodite’s Poppies and Architecture of Poppy

Mixed Media Collages

20 x 16”

$150 each

© Maria Gedroc



Amy Hanks

Amy Hanks is a multimedia Chicago-based artist. She creates works using collage, printmaking techniques, painting, and drawing to cobble mystic narratives based on the past and present. These pieces are informed by her Southwest native heritage, her experience as a woman, and her dynamic urban environment. Hanks is inspired by the permeability of memory, folktales, epiphanies, horror, sonic booms, talismans, tarot cards, mythology, loteria, glitz, and glam, rocks on the beach, ristras, the stations of the cross, grackles, chichen-itza, icons and comic books as well as science fiction and the expressions of humanity in unwelcome spaces. Dog noses, The Beatles, baby feet, gardens both tame and wild, naturally curly hair, craggy old trees, folk dancers, divas, deep sea creatures, a pretty face, the moon, and practically all extraterrestrial accouterments also catch her fancy and feed her spirit and imagination. These sources provide a cast of characters with which to whisper these many visual stories.

Hanks received a BFA from the University of Texas and an MFA from the University of Michigan. She has exhibited at Mary Bell Galleries, ARC Gallery, WomanMade Gallery, and the Devonshire Cultural Center. She has been awarded an Illinois Artist Fellowship and has taught at the University of Michigan and Northeastern IL University. Hanks currently teaches art at Mather High School, one of the most diverse high schools in the United States.

“I am captivated by the essence of change and how perspectives evolve. I seek to understand small and large moments in life. I layer, erase, refine, and polish my pieces in dialogue with a cast of characters. I create works on paper, canvas, and sculpture, collaging beautiful mythology from events, aspirations, and memories. My work currently explores the concept of belief and disbelief, focusing on times when loved ones embark on paths I can’t follow but must witness. Through challenging times, I learn unexpected lessons and experience unwelcome aspects of life. In these journeys into the unknown, I both lose and stay myself.”


Aggregation II

24 x 36”

Mixed Media on Paper

$ 950

© Amy Hanks



Mixed Media on Paper

24 x 36”

$ 950

© Amy Hanks


Time Ship

Mixed Media on Paper

24 x 36”

$ 950

© Amy Hanks


Regarding my Shadow

Mixed Media on Paper

24 x 36”

$ 950

© Amy Hanks




Pauline Kochanski

Pauline Kochanski lives in the Chicago area is a multi-disciplinary artist, independent curator, writer, teacher, and meditator, with a newfound love of poetry and finding new words. Pauline is compelled to follow ideas that arise about ancestors, events, nature, and memory.  Mental triggers uncover layers of visuals and words that eventually reveal a core nature.   Materials can guide creativity transporting the mind to find its own process.  Ms. Kochanski is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago and DePaul University. 



Spiral in a Square

Mixed Media

8 x 8" each

$ 600 for all 3

© Pauline Kochanski



Itala Langmar

A painter and poet since the age of six, I studied in Venice, Italy, and at the Art Institute of Chicago. In Venice, I discovered the cartapesta and fresco look, which I have developed into my signature dilapidated style of painting. Throughout my long career, my work has been displayed in prestigious venues including New York City, Venice, and recently at the Biennial at the Evanston Art Center.  This is Itala’s third exhibit with Anatomically Correct Arts.


Botticelli Amore Mio

Acrylic on canvas

12 x 24” (diptych)


© Itala Langmar




Carol Luc

“Happy Childhood is inspired by the way we survive in our world as a child, where possibilities are endless and imagination reigns supreme. As a child, we find joy in discovery, in chance, and in not having limits put on us. As we grow up, we can be inhibited by a lack of support if our ideas do not conform to the expectations of the society we live in.”

Carol Luc has been exhibiting her work nationally and is the recipient of multiple awards and artist residencies in painting, photography, and printmaking. Always exploring, she has added digital design to her current skill set.


© Carol Luc

Happy Childhood

Digital Media

16 x 20”


© Carol Luc




Anita Ivy Miller

Anita earned an MFA from The University of Chicago, An AB (Magna cum Laude) in Art Education from The University of Illinois, and a BFA from Syracuse University and the Art Institute of Chicago.   Currently, she teaches painting at The Art Center in Highland Park and has shown her work in many galleries in Chicago.

“Social acceptance is the right of all. I treasure my autistic son for who he is and what I've learned from him.  Women often walk a tightrope and are gazed at with favor or scrutinized with judgment.”



Giclee Print

20 x 26“


© Anita Ivy Miller


Bird On A Wire

Giclee Print

21 x 27 “


© Anita Ivy Miller



Sara Peak Convery

Sara Peak Convery is a Chicago-based artist who enjoys working in a variety of media. During the pandemic, she became even more committed to the idea of using recycled materials in her work. She established Slacks Window Gallery in 2019 in the Gladstone Park neighborhood in Chicago.

“In November 2023, an artist friend gave me a large group of canvases painted by her deceased mother and aunt. Carole was in the process of Swedish Death Cleaning and thought that I might make some use of her family's artwork. I was recently divorced and had been feeling a bit at a loss for something to work on. Carole's gift jumped started me wonderfully and allowed me to experiment. These paintings are a selection from my process and I consider them collaborations as Gerda and Gisela's work is still visible.”


The Lady: The Wohl Sisters Collaboration Series: #21

Latex & pencil on reclaimed canvas panel

22 x 18"


© Sara Peak Convery



Sonia Sanchez

Sonia was born in Mexico, educated in Italy, and now resides in Evanston.   She draws inspiration from her international background to create her drawings and paintings.  She has experience in art restoration, art therapy, and graphic design.  She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of San Luis Potosi in Mexico.

Sonia created these drawings using only her fingers to manipulate the dust from graphite pencils.

“In my more than twenty years of experience, I have found poetry in Art.   I believe that art therapy is good practice in the treatment of different problems. My focus is on sharing my love of art with others.”


Sigh of...


22 x 28"

$ 380

© Sonia Sanchez



22 x 28"

$ 380

© Sonia Sanchez




Grishma Shah

Grishma is a multi-hyphenate artist who incorporates a variety of mediums and media into her art practice. From stories to spices, textiles to intricate henna like designs, her paintings are immersed with culture and traditions from her South Asian roots. The fondness she has for texture and asymmetry is prevalent in her work.

Story: Krishna is enjoying his favorite pastime- stealing homemade makhan (whipped butter). He is just about to finish eating the last morsel of his neighbor's makhan when he hears his mother call out his name. He wipes his hands on his silk clothes and rushes to his mother, Yashoda. Jumping effortlessly into his mother's lap, facing away from her, Yashoda cues the artist to begin painting. Giggling at the thought of his recent makhan adventure, Krishna twirls his flute and licks his lips realizing some evidence of this yummy crime still remain! He smacks his lips together and the makhan mustache disappears. Alas, the evidence is gone, or so he thought!


Yashoda's Makhan Chor

Mixed-Media Art Print

21 x 25"

$ 325

© Grishma Shah





I am a mixed media intuitive artist and single mother of two who has always only prioritized my children and my art for the last twenty years. I have learned embracing my mistakes makes for a better understanding of what the universe wants for my art. I like to consider myself a self-taught artist learning through the organic shapes in nature and the energy of the female body. I was lucky enough to experience top art schools in Chicago while working several jobs. I rebelled against rules of technique and styles, to develop my own. I am a fashion junkie for textiles and patterns, creating utopian environments with my collage and mixed media art.  My activism to right the injustices against people of color has caused my art to evolve. I am very verbally active artistically in my community - spreading the messages of love to our neighbors. Each piece of art represents the bloodshed of the people of color that continues today. I am channeling the pain and suffering of my ancestors who bore no faces to the ones who harmed them. Not being able to identify the faces takes you to the mindset of a POC; not feeling relevant enough to live or have justice. I am also taking my art to the streets to advocate for social changes on racism, and women's rights with the murals, painted in bright colors with hidden messages to observe and process. The mediums and techniques used are homemade inks, collage, watercolor, and the new medium of encaustic wax painting with acrylic inks.

‘"I Am Aware I Am Rare" is my motto, embracing being a female black artist without boundaries for expression in my creations. This painting was influenced by the practice of my yoga & meditation practice. In silence, there is a sense of space and light that protects your soul. The use of the color blue represents water, air, and intuition to resonate with. I always like to play with organic shapes seen in nature and merge the human form. We are always one with nature.”



Watercolor and Ink

18 x 24"


© Sholo



Linda Ann Weber

“My work has evolved from abstract intuitive painting to include mixed media that creates depth, history, and texture. Color, patterns, images, and typography play a large role in my work. I incorporate handmade textiles and papers to create my signature collage technique. My process is still intuitive, with themes of current social issues, historical influence, and even pop culture making its way into my work. My process is very serendipitous. I start with sketching and mark-making on canvas or paper, then I move to collaging and painting. This goes back and forth until a history of layers and texture is built up. I also experiment with a variety of tools, mediums, and techniques as I work. The process continues until the final composition comes together.”

Linda graduated from Illinois State University with a bachelor's degree in Art. She has had a successful career as a graphic designer and creative director in her field.


A Love Affair Louis Vuitton

30 x 30”

Mixed Media on Wood Panel


© Linda Ann Weber


Eternal Style—Yves Saint Laurent

30 x 30”

Mixed Media on Wood Panel


© Linda Ann Weber


That Wasn't Very Versace of You

30 x 30”

Mixed Media on Wood Panel


© Linda Ann Weber




Lisa Zane

Actress and singer Lisa Zane has been exhibiting her photographs since 2019, primarily in Chicago. In 1976, she began her interest in photography when she took a photography class as a high school freshman. The habit continued throughout her travels as an actress on location all over the world, and her most current pieces reflect her hometown of Chicago. Her piece in this show, Soho Self Portrait, was taken in her loft in New York City in 2000 and shot on 35mm. This is Lisa’s second exhibit with Anatomically Correct Arts.


Soho Self Portrait


11 x 17”


© Lisa Zane




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