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celebs after dark

Photographs  of  Celebrities by


On display at:
Bailiwick Arts Center, 1229 West Belmont, Chicago, IL

Viewing Hours are Tues – Sat 1 – 6 pm; Sun 3 – 7 p.m.
through November 11, 2000

There is no charge for viewing the artwork.



Philin Phlash

Philin Phlash photographs only at night, believing that the bifurcation of society can best be captured when normal social patterns and restraints are at rest. His photographs of celebrities capture the true essence of the individual -- not always as they would like the media to see them. The refreshingly unposed compositions neither restrict interpretations nor dictate conclusions about the individuals represented -- rather, they capture the elusive moment, making concrete that which is typically ephemeral. Philin Phlash's photographs force the viewer to look behind the curtain of celebrity.

Philin Phlash received a BFA in 1979 from the Massachusetts College of Art. While in art school, he was a founding member of Punkt Data, an art collaborative, and had his first one-man show at Punkt Data Gallery. He was selected to participate in the "Boston Now" exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston in 1985. Since moving to Chicago, Philin Phlash has had several solo exhibitions of his work at various galleries and nightclubs throughout the city. In addition, he was chosen by Jean Claude Lamage, photography curator at the Biblioteque National, to participate in Selections 5 (from Polaroid's International Collection) exhibited at Photokia 1990 in Cologne, Germany. He also received a one-man exhibition in Germany by the GMBH Fotogalerie. In addition, Philin Phlash's work has been published many times in various local and national newspapers.


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Keith Haring Ansel Adams

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Annie Lenox John Waters


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