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Home is where the ART is... Artworks by Skokie Artists"
An Exhibition of Artworks by Artists who Live or Work in Skokie, IL

Artworks by Caryl Carlsen, Patrick Carr, Pauline Kochanski, Boruch Lev, Jacqueline Moses, Charlene Moy, Leonid Osseny, Naomi Pollak, Hope Salmanoff, Sharon Swidler, and Vassi Vasevski

on display at
Devonshire Cultural Center
4422 Greenwood St, Skokie, IL 60076

Artist's Reception: Thursday, September 19, 2019
 (6 pm - 8 pm)

On display through October 24, 2019

Admission to the exhibition is FREE.    

The Center’s regular viewing hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 9pm; Saturday and Sunday 8:30 am - 6 pm.      

To Purchase Artwork, Please phone 224-432-4240 or email ANATOMICALLYCORRECT2022@GMAIL.COM



Caryl Carlsen


(Left to Right:   Duet of Grace - Oil on Canvas - 40 x 30"     $1,200

Waiting (in Blue) - Oil on Canvas - 30 x 30"    $800

Contemplation - Oil on Canvas - 22 x 16"     $600

Caryl studied art and design, obtaining a B.S. from Michigan State University. Later on, she earned an MSW in clinical social work from Loyola University of Chicago. She worked in both fields and from childhood on also loved to draw and paint, and as an adult, began to formally study painting from life and her imagination at the Evanston Art Center, the Art Institute of Chicago and from various instructors throughout the US. Studies included the human form, landscape, sculpture and abstraction.  Caryl has exhibited widely in the Chicago area, greater Midwest and in Europe, (France). She has work in both private and public collections. She is or has been a member of The Chicago Women’s Caucus for the Arts , the Chicago Artist’s Coalition, Wilmette and Skokie Arts Guilds, and Woman Made Gallery.

In her figurative body of work, she aims to capture the inherent dignity of people and their uniqueness through the expressive application of paint.


Patrick Carr

Patrick is originally from Albia, Iowa and studied photography at the University of Northern Iowa. He has lived in the Chicago area since 1989 and currently resides in Skokie with his partner, artist Caryl Carlsen. His photography focuses on found objects and “accidental still-lifes” in the urban environment.


After the Election

Silver Gelatin Print

17 x 22"



Silver Gelatin Print

16 x 21"



Pauline Kochanski

Nothing is more beautiful and interesting than the adaption of nature to its environment.  Drawings of nature opens my artistic creations to new possibilities and furthers the complexity of my work.  For years I have focused my aesthetic expression on photography.  With the advent of digital photography and understanding the harmful effects of photographic chemicals on the environment I turned my artistic expression to my first love...drawing.  Working in graphite, color pencil, ink and watercolor expands my artistic discoveries and leads me to to new aesthetic ideas.  

When we view the world around us, we always bring our own perceptions to what we see.   Scale can transform that perception.   My goal is to bring the viewer closer to an object; to have the viewer see it out of scale, to transform the viewer's perception.


Leaf and Eggshells

Graphite on Paper

21 x 21"



Watercolor on Paper

12 x 12"


Trapped…No Longer

Graphite on Paper

12 x 12"



Boruch Lev

I love clay.   When I was a kid I was working in modeling clay of different colors. 50 books of encyclopedia were marked with sticky substance making my dad angry. I was working on my sculpture garden making landscapes, planting trees and filling that environment with lots of animals (Encyclopedia was a great shots of existing and extinguished species). All that was built on 30"x30" piece of plywood at the SW corner of the room. Once my little brother not walking very well back then awkwardly sat on a top of my garden destroying everything... Now think, why the dinosaur era ended so abruptly...I love clay.   And after almost 40 years long break I came back.    Now I live in Skokie and work at my home studies and at the Evanston Art Center. Obviously my favorite medium is clay. I work with bronze and concrete as well.   Here, at Devonshire I display some my reliefs, pages of the series:  Absurd Diary and The Night.

Boruch Lev was born behind the “iron wall”, in the Soviet Union, in a suburb of Moscow. He remembers himself playing with modeling clay at the age of four. During that time he turned his surroundings into a sculpture garden full of plants and animals using sticky colored blocks of plastilina, matches and other suitable found materials.




Bronze Sculpture

12 x 8 x 15"


Absured Diary: What is Our Way?

Terracotta Relief

13 x 18"


Absured Diary: Run Forest, Run

Terracotta Relief

13 x 18"


Absured Diary: Fish in Oil

Terracotta Relief

13 x 18"





Art is my mode of expression, the way I communicate my ideas and feelings to others. I am very conscious of my surroundings and know that each person experiences similar situations differently. I believe that anger and/or avoidance are often the way many try to deal with problematic situations. For society to evolve, we need a more honest approach. Calamities must be dealt with in a straightforward manner if improvement and healing are to take place.

Recent world and personal events have strongly influenced the content in my work.   Hopefully, solutions will be found that increase our understanding and acceptance of different cultures and give us the ability to incorporate the best from each society to help improve our lives and the earth we live in.    Though we may have different life styles and live in different environments we share many of the same needs.

The imagery presented in my paintings is reflective of our times as is the technique used.    Many of my paintings are combination of photographic transfer and oil on canvas.    All images are derived from my photography and juxtaposed to create the desired image.



Decolorizing the Islands: Interference

Oil and Photo Transfer on Canvas

48 x 38"


Portugal: Wild Fires 1

Oil and Photo Transfer on Canvas

48 x 32"



Portugal: Wild Fires 2

Oil and Photo Transfer on Canvas

48 x 32"



Charlene Moy

I lived in Skokie from 1992 - 2014. I have been working at a Skokie family owned business since 2006. My mother still lives in Skokie so it is a place I spend a lot of time in. I periodically go to Emily Oaks for serenity and inspiration. Making art for me is a process of self discovery and healing. My current work is inspired by the diversity and balance that occurs in nature. I seek out images that are intermingled, meshed and in various life stages. Capturing them by camera allows me to enlarge, reconstruct and decontextualize. I work primarily with watercolor and pastels. Embracing the unexpected interactions of watercolor allows me to be spontaneous and responsive to the surface. The earthiness of pastels creates a tactile connection that elicits a physical and emotional response. The results are sometimes surprising, sometimes affirming.



All Together      Pastel on Uart    26 x 37"    $950

Street Riverside   Watercolor on Arches    22 x 30"    $660



Leonid Osseny

Born in 1948 in the city of Nizhny-Tagil, Russia. In 1963, Leonid became a student at the Ural College of Applied Arts, and later attended Belarus State Theater and Art University studying art and design. After graduating, he worked as an architect and restorer at the Belarus Institute of Renovation and Conservation. Since 1991, Leonid lives in Chicago where he works as an architect, designer, freelance artist and an illustrator.

Leonid Osseny’s art and research were recognized in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally. Among them, shows at the ArchiTech Gallery, Chicago, the International James Joyce Symposium at the National College of Ireland, Dublin. Personal exhibitions at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago, Evanston Public Library and the Gene Siskel Film Center.

His work was published in the Joyce Studies Annual, Fordham University Press, and can be found in public and private collections in the United States and Europe. Several original drawings for James Joyce “Ulysses” are on display at the James Joyce Museum in Dublin, Ireland.


Duckling      Acrylic on Canvas      36 x 36"      $2,500

Roses     Acrylic on Canvas     30 x 24"     $600



Naomi Pollak

Naomi has been painting and drawing for the past 12 years, exhibiting and selling her work both in local juried art exhibitions as well as abroad.  She continues to attend classes at the Evanston Art Center in Evanston, IL.   Naomi's still life paintings include toys, flowers, daily gadgets and Judaica. In addition to her artwork, Naomi works in the community as a physical therapist.   


Naomi Pollak    Lulav and Etrog   Oil on Canvas	28 x 30"	$250  SOLD


Hope Salmanoff

Hope was born and raised in the Chicago area and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois, at Urbana-Champaign. After working many years as a graphic artist and then as a C.P.A., she quit the workforce in 2007 and returned to her artistic aspirations.  After studying drawing and painting at the Evanston Art Center for two years, Hope then began studying printmaking at the North Shore Art League in Winnetka.

Artist’s Statement:

Original etchings are my favorite method of expression. Each print involves the controlled acid erosion of a zinc plate. The etched plate is inked by hand and printed on paper, with the use of heavy pressure from a roller press. Each print starts as a line drawing and then I see where it takes me. I will add a tonal quality or color until the print tells me that I am done.

 My imagery is a whimsical interpretation of commonplace themes of people, architecture and interiors or complete flights of fancy. I’m not interested in producing an accurate reproduction of a scene. I create art as I see it.

Nessie Revealed     Etching     12 x 14"     $225

Crowded Memories   Etching   12 x 14"   $225

Linda's Library     Etching    14 x 12"     $225

Stop on ACE - 51st Street Station   Etching   14 x 12"    $225





Aunt Vera     Etching     16 x 20"     $300





Super Blood Wolf Moon (Lunar Eclipse Jan 19, 2019)

Etching     12 x 24"    $225


Sharon Swidler

Inspired by the atmosphere. Simple and complex: I am fascinated by space: actual, personal, psychological, and how real, mental and emotion interruptions pierce or glide through space (clouds, utility lines, trees, thoughts). I obscure boundaries between binaries; natural/man-made line and form, interior/exterior environments, to symbolize our continuous transformation as we navigate through our ever-changing surroundings. In recent years, my paintings have become meditative; spaces in which to reflect on the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of this flow of being.

Sharon Swidler creates paintings and drawings which incorporate minimalism, colorfield and landscape. Her work has been exhibited nationally and is included in private collections throughout the U.S. Sharon earned a BA and MFA in Drawing & Painting from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. She teaches Design, Drawing and Women & the Arts at the college level, and is currently an adjunct instructor at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Breathless #17     Acrylic on Panel     10 x 10"   $560


Breathless #18     Acrylic and Glitter on Panel     10 x 10"   $560

Breathless #19    Acrylic on Panel     10 x 10"   $560

Breathless #20    Acrylic on Panel     10 x 10"   $560


Breathless #21    Acrylic on Panel     10 x 10"   $560



Vassi Vasevski

Vassi was born in Sliven, Bulgaria.   He has an A. S. in Commercial arts, from Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN and an M.F.A. in Painting, National Academy of Fine Arts, in Sofia, Bulgaria.    His artworks have been exhibited at the Terra School of Art, Glenview, IL, Club Bulgarica, Mt. Prospect, IL, Sofia Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, Olympia center, Chicago, IL, Club Bulgarica, Mt. Prospect, IL,  ABF Gallery, Trelleborg, Sweden, Tea Alba Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, and at the Bulgarian Embassy, in Bruxelles, Belgium. 

Vassi works as an Adjunct Professor at the Art and Architecture Department of Harold Washington College and lives in Skokie, IL.

Lake of Memories

Oil on Canvas   

30 x 30"  


The Poet's Dream

Oil on Canvas

12 x 24" 


Circle of Life   

Oil on Canvas  

30 x 30"


Journey to the East I

Oil on Canvas

12 x 24" 




Journey to the East II

Oil on Canvas

12 x 24" 




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