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Due to Covid-19 Precautions, the following exhibits have been rescheduled:

Call for Artists -

3 Upcoming  Exhibitions!

"Torn Apart/Coming Together - Collage and Assemblage" New Dates TBA

"Harmony - the Influence of Music on Art"                           New Dates TBA

"Convergence" - multiple artists (2 or more) collaborate to create new artworks - New Dates TBA


for more information


has been rescheduled.  Please check back for updates soon!

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View previous years of our Brush with Nature Plein Air Outdoor Festival and Skokie Rocks

Skokie Rocks is our grassroots community art project, where members of the community of all ages and abilities are invited to create art designs on small river rocks during our Brush with Nature Festival; and hide them in a secret place, but not too hard to find.

Once a rock is found (marked with our website address, we ask that a participant take a photo of their found rock and post it on our public Facebook page.

One of the goals of Skokie Rocks is to bring members of our diverse community together, many of whom are from different countries and cultures - through art. Adding the social media platform allows for individuals to connect online.


View our 2019 


Exhibition 2019-2020

Emily Oaks Nature Center Wonderland Gallery

4650 Brummel, Skokie, IL

FREE Artists Reception December 6, 2019 (7 - 9 pm)

On exhibition through February 29, 2020

Artworks by Tiger Lily Cross, David Denman, Robert Kameczura, Debra Nichols, Naomi Pollak, Margo Robinson, Amanda Roman and Jill Zylke

Click Here

Spirit of Africa

Exhibiting Artists

Amani Borah, George Keaton, Boruch Lev,

Robert Kameczura, Jackie Moses, Paul Sager

and Maureen Warren

on display at Devonshire Cultural Center

4400 Greenwood St., Skokie, IL 60076 

Opening Reception:

Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019 (2 pm - 4 pm)

On exhibition through Sunday, January 12, 2020

Click Here for Details and Images

Have a musical instrument lying around that you never play? Don't throw it out! Our Art Beat program accepts donations of musical instruments for students in need. Donations are tax-deductible!

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