Art in Alternative Spaces


Sentimental Journey

Paintings by  Don Elmi

On Exhibition at

Apollo Theater
2540 North Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL

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Original artwork can be purchased by credit card over the phone: 

Chicago Bagel Authority


Former Ambassador West Hotel


Lincoln Park Cafe


Chez Paul



Gold Coast Dogs


Earl of Old Town


Former Mister Kelly's


Former Monday's



Old Town Ale House


Papa Milano's


The Curve


Tony Celler's



Clark & Diversey


Don Elmi was born in Beloit, Wisconsin in 1930.   After his tour of duty in the United States Navy, he moved to Chicago in 1954 to launch his career in the art/advertising business.     He served his apprenticeship at a top commercial art studio where he was able to work with some of the best artists of his era and where he learned to become an accomplished cartoonist and design illustrator.   In the early 1960's, Mr. Elmi established a name for himself freelancing for ad agencies and opened his own art studio in Chicago.   Mr. Elmi's favorite subjects for painting are Chicago landmarks, including theaters, restaurants, bars, shops, homes and the city's skyline.

Founded in 1991, Anatomically Correct is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to showcasing works by artists in alternative spaces in a combined effort to educate, diversify, and promote community awareness of the visual and performing arts.     This project is sponsored in part by the Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs Program I grant, the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.


For more information or to purchase artwork, please contact:

Anatomically Correct