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"Memories"   Yvonne Gajewski and Tom Gustafson 

"Flesh & Stone"   Photography by  Ellin Beltz, Kristine Easton,  Ken Mierzwa, Carrie Notari 

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game"   Photography by Javet Kimble, Jim Newberry and Chris Schneberger

"One World"   Photography by Philip Jones, Stephanie Howard, and Susan McMillen.

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Works on Stone, Paper, and Metal.    Artists:  Walter Arnold, Bob Bellio, John Kearney, Elyn Koentopp, Nicole Macaluso, Jenny Schelewitz, Midori Tajiri Schleitwiler, and Glenn Wexler.    In complement to the theatre's production of "Beauty Queen of Leenane" by Martin McDonagh. 




Irish works by Irish artists  Tim Leeming, Bill Mowle & Bob Tully.   In complement to the theatre's production of "The Cripple of Inishmaan" by   Martin McDonagh.

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Group Exhibition.   Artists:   Oil Paintings by William Dolan, Acrylic Fused into Plexiglass by Walter Fydryck, Mixed Media Collages by Preston Klik, Oil on Canvas by Matthew Schaefer and Watercolor by Laurie Sucher. 

In complement to the theatre's production of "The Old Neighborhood" by David Mamet.



Nanny Goat by John KearnySpring Car photo by Steven E. Gross

Group Exhibition.   Sculpture made from chrome automobile bumpers by renowned artist John Kearney, "Spring" Art Car and Inter-Active Relief Sculpture by Alan M. Bolle, Sculpture made from auto parts by Bill Boyce, Black & White Photography by Nicholas Zinner, Color Photography by Angelo Mantas, Watercolor Paintings by Pete Cramblit, and Acrylic Paintings by Brian Miller.

In complement to the theatre’s production of  How I Learned to Drive by  Paula Vogel.


Group Exhibition. Digital photography by Yvonne Gajewski, watercolor paintings by Paul Gozar, furniture by Jim Massa, and watercolor by Margaret Derwent Ketcham.

In complement to the theatre’s production of Three Days of Rain by Richard Greenberg.





Field of Dreams by Ray Vlcek  Solo Exhibition.   Ethereal paintings by Ray Vlcek.


Group Exhibition. Photography, paintings and etchings by Helma, Wolfgang Petrick & Hubertus von der Goltz.

In complement to the theatre’s production of  The Berlin Circle by Charles L. Mee.



 Irish Musicians Brian Ralph and Ken Pelletier by at the opening reception       Oil painting by Tom Joyce    Oil Painting by Patrick Kennedy   

Group exhibition. Mixed media, paintings, photography, oil pastels and guache by artists Rick Janes, Javet M. Kimble, Walter Moscow, Scott Parker, Shari Swartz and Dean Wessel. Exhibition also included musical performances by the jazz group Miasma. In complement to the theatre’s production of the Duke Ellington musical "Play On."

 Louis Armstrong Oil Painting by Dean Wessel Acrylic Painting by Shari Swartz Musican & Artist Rick Janes plays during the opening reception Val sings at the opening reception  Photo of Louis Armstrong by Javet M. Kimble    






Photograph by Kay WoodsPhotograph by Kay WoodsGroup Exhibition. Photography and mixed media by Susan Dietz-Schmidt, Harriet Fisher, Nancy Kurten, Emily Long and Kay Wood. In complement to the theatre’s production of "A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur" by Tennessee Williams.










Etching by Carol Kaeser TaylorGroup exhibition of etchings by Carol Kaeser Taylor and hand-carved wooden horses by Pete Nemec. In complement to the theatre’s production of "Equus" by Peter Schaffer.



Collage by Susana Espinosa ErlingBarry Bruner has fun at the opening receptionGroup Exhibition. Paintings and mixed media by Art Teachers: Susana Espinosa-Erling, Kim Salerno, Miriam Socoloff, Margy Stover, of Lake View High School; and Barry Bruner and Catherine Cajandig of Whitney Young Magnet High School.   In complement to the theatre’s production of "Skylight" by David Hare.










Group Exhibition of paintings, kites, and tapestry by Latino artists: Oscar Luis Martinez, Michelle Martinez, Lourdes S. Guerrero, Julio Flores and Jorge Felix. Opening reception included Latin-American cuisine prepared by the artists. In complement to the theatre's production of "Mariposa" by Jeffrey Lieber.


          Also included, "Sssssssmokin! Make a Mask From Your Own Face" a plaster-casting mask-making workshop.




Various exhibitions at Anatomically Correct Gallery, formerly located at  2046 North Damen, Chicago, IL


Our Artists Featured in Documentaries...




Hidden Chicago, a PBS Documentary, features photos by Bruce Sharp from our touring exhibition All the World's A Stage...








Debra Paulson's piano photograph from our touring exhibition All the World's A Stage is featured in Thirteen/WNET's PBS American Masters documentary Jerome Robbins, Something to Dance About







Our Artists Featured in Publications ...



Rick Janes' Bluesman image was recently selected for the cover of musical arranger Karen MacIver's Kiss Me Goodnight collection of music.

Through Anatomically Correct, the following artists' work were placed on the cover of the monthly theatrical publication Footlights.  

The publication is distributed to thousands of patrons of over 50 performing arts organizations.

Howard A. Jacobs image was selected for the June/July 2008 cover and...

also for the Nov/Dec 2007 cover  celebrating their 20th anniversary!

Chris Zonta's image appeared on the April/May 2008 cover


Fred Deasis' image appeared on the Feb/March 2008 cover


Judy Sklar's image appeared on the May-June 2007 cover 


Jan Flapan's image was featured on the cover of the spring 2007  issue of Footlights(Whitewater/Janesville, WI edition)       


Olea Nova's image was selected for the February/March 2007 cover


Cherie Salerno's image was selected for the December 2006 cover and for their holiday cards and ...

Cherie Salerno's image was selected for the January 2007 cover


Michelle Whitcomb's image was selected for the Sept. 2006 cover



Covers from Previous Years...

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Kathryn Appelbaum John Kurtz Kris Cahill Mike Munoz

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Dean Wessel Amy Woodbury Bert Menco Teresa Mucha

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