2007 Participating Artists

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Betty Becker Betty Butler Cat Chow George C. Clark Fred Deasis Karen Dill William Dolan


Meg Duguid Janice Elkins Alli Farkas Clairan Ferrono Tracy Frein Maria Gedroc Pinchot Goldberg


Elizabeth Granton Andrea Harris Bart Harris Debra Nichols Fletcher Hayes Judith Hechtman Karen Hohman


Suzanne T. Isaacs Paula Jacko Howard A. Jacobs Julia Spencer Katz John Kearney John A. Kurtz Itala Langmar


Kim Laurel Kelly McGowan Victoria Mecklenburger Lynn Merel Chuck Meyers Chuck Meyers Sheila R. Miller


Christine Milostan Ray Perkins Christine Perri Nancy Pirri Nancy Pirri Yvonne Pitts Ted Preuss


Carol Qualkinbush Rachel Weaver Rivera Rachel Weaver Rivera Caren Helene Rudman Dennis Salaty Cherie Salerno Robert A. Schiller


Jack Siegel Tanya Sugarman Saren Thorne-Hauser Benjye Troob Jill Zylke


The artwork on this page was juried by Aron Packer.     The awards will be presented at the North Shore Auto Group in Highland Park on May 5, 2007 at 9 pm.    Aron Packer currently operates Packer Schopf gallery in the West Loop district.   Previously, Packer has been associated with Lyonswier Packer Gallery, and has had multiple temporary shows at Yello Gallery,  InsideART, Gary Marks, Northern Illinois University Gallery (Chicago) , and FiFo (redesign).   The gallery has done quarterly shows in his Apartment Gallery from 1987 to 1991 and then a permanent location in the Flat Iron Building from 1991 to 1997.

He lectures on graffiti, rock carving and outsider art environments and has done so at Kishwaukee College and Northern Illinois University.  Related to this, Packer is an accomplished amateur photographer, focusing on the above subject matter culminating in a one person show at the Chicago Cultural Center curated by Lanny Silverman in 1991.

As an independent curator he's worked with Intuit and the Suburban Fine Arts Center in Highland Park.

As an artist, Packer has dabbled in painting, fiber arts and mixed media over many years and exhibited at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Around the Coyotes as an artist.

The artwork on this page can be purchased by contacting Anatomically Correct.      Prints are available for some of the artwork.

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